Testing 224: Farming!


It’s the raw game config data. It’s probably related to the inorganic rock bug I replied to there


The config says that the rock penalty should only apply when sown in rocks, but in-game it currently acts like it’s a “near” condition. Let’s just wait for a dev confirmation whether the foliage is a bug or not.

edit: now that I think of it, it’s the same exact bug… Sown on acting as a near condition for the foliage too… I’m stupid.


Looks exactly as you say “planted on” actually means “sown near” :+1:


Yes, so don’t plan around it. It’ll be fixed in the future. And all the conditions in the config are subject to change before the final balance is set, so designs can be invalidated that way too.


Servers are down? Or maybe i’m doing something wrong? “testing” feature is on in steam client…


is it not connecting at all or crashing after connecting?


Not connecting at all. Give some message about “possible maintance” and nothing else happening


i will check mine - maybe there is a fix coming in? they usually don’t warn about it in forums as it only takes minutes and then just release patch notes


working for me - maybe just restart steam, and/or clear cache etc., you know typical measures

switch between live and testing can change things maybe as well


Nah, not working at all. Restarting, switching, verifying files etc… Nothing helps. Didn’t play for months, finally something worth to check in game, but “NOPE” for me)) Oh, well.


that sucks - just report in support section and provide your dump file and they should sort it out


So wait, can someone confirm something that I’m afraid of.

In this case, I was making a setup for combustion fraction and kindling mass.
On the right side, in the trench, I planned to put lava, and below the rock, I made a pattern of gravel and corruption.
Will the combustion/kindling crops on the rock be affected by the proximity to gravel and corruption below the rock, or do I have to place those at the same altitude as the rock and lava?

I hope not, but I’m afraid I’ll have to re-do this setup. ^^’
Or… just give up on having something optimized because meh.


i made a quick set up - 3 V-shaped ditches (so 2 rows of blocks slope-chiseled with chiseled parts facing each other) - three rows of flat blocks in front of it and a block higher; water placed in front of the set up and flowing over flat parts and into the ditches, so I can compare how they grow on flat and in the ditches;

all of them on clay soil and with mud stripes in between; gleam over them just to help to see in the night

all tilled and fertilized

just after tilling

after sowing and fertilizing

after flooding


You’ll have to do that, yeah.

I like how it’s looking with the compact iron and I see you too enjoy Stark Orange and Luminous Red. :thinking:


It looks a bit illogical to me that “proximity” means only at the same altitude. In real farming, crops find nutrients from beneath where they’re planted too. :confused:
It’s just like power coils. Some kind of arbitrary rule that will force us to adopt an optimization pattern that someone found, instead of being able to have more freedom of creation depending on your own tastes.
I’d rather throw optimization out the window and just go with that, then.

I’ve been working with these colors since December, on Arie, Raxxa and whatever testing world I land on.


It could also have something to do with performance. And one block being 1 meter deep I just shrugged it off as the roots not reaching far enough.


Performance would be my first guess too; to scan in a 3D area instead of a horizontal 2D area for every single crop would probably increase the calculations (if that’s the right term in the context) by quite a fair bit.

But I thought I saw a dev post a screenshot of a farm over water, which was what gave me the impression that it would be able to check blocks underneath. Now I can’t find that post though…


Stretchious has a farm placed over water, but he quickly added irrigation on the same level as the ground where he planted his crops.


Yup, I had the same original thought as most here… just place water under my crops and job done… it didn’t take long to work out that it needed irrigation channels though.

The only crop I’m currently concerned about is the berries as there seems to be a massive amount of requirements needed for them in terms of “air” surrounding them to get them to max yield. It’s a major space concern especially for a crop that drops in early game.


But the crops don’t need to be perfectly efficient in the early game.

The aim here is to allow new players to easily start growing crop - just plant it and off it goes - but then give players something they can optimise and improve as other blocks become available to them.


but they also grow very fast, so that can make it for less efficiency if it comes to perfecting requirements; you can just harvest them so often