Testing 224: Farming!


Like i said before, ill have to pay someone to make our berry farm.


Sorry was away and just finished dinner. Do you also have water on the side as well as on top?

I can log in and I am on Havran I also. I can show you what I did. I did get help from @Stretchious.


Im confused. No improved or farmable oortfuel?


What are your cords?


You can see Stretchious’ place across the lake from mine and my cords are 901N 1,740E Havran I


Incidentally you can also look them up on the wiki if you don;t have access to testing.


I am impressed someone updated the wiki for the test stuff already.




I tried it.
Didn’t work.
I had oryza planted dry next to it and it ticked but the ones in V shaped ditch with water in it didn’t.


I realised I chiselled V ditch in the existing water source blocks and…

So the ditch needs to be flooded by flowing water from water placed nearby.


Is there also something wrong with the starberry crop? It doesn’t get the “sown in” bonus, but it’s triggered when you add another foliage to the range, that in turn eats up an air block so there’s no way to get the optimal setting for them. I’d actually like it if there were more tradeoffs like this, but it looks like a bug.

Or am I understanding the condition type 2 incorrectly?



And it ticked when you done it this way?


Haven’t done that yet.

I have plenty just flooded over and growing.
This v shape i need to redo and test.


OK, thanks for trying it out


Would probably work, but not optimal,
You still need to have a second foliage within the area. so have always groups of two seeds nearby and two moulds

Also we found that having second layer has to be 2 blocks above, as the hanging berries also act as a “block” and take up the air space. So you can have layer 1 one block above and layer 2 three blocks above ground (one block high space between is fine). So theoretically you can have 4 layers per plot.

So thinking to be "effective you need to use the “support blocks” as smart a s possible.
These are patterns we came to independently with @Stretchious
tweaking these patterns you may come to a bit better space efficiency, but not much.

But still this can be somehow changed, so dont build huge farms yet :wink:



There must be second foliage, and so you cant get to 22 air.


Seems to be a bug, the sown in bonus doesn’t trigger.


got the right seed for the right foliage ?


Look above, single starberry on a waxy foliage, should be the correct one? It’s clearly getting only the 22x empty air bonus, but not the sown in bonus.


Seems you get the 20% adding the second foliage which is not mentioned.
I dont know where you get this table, but reality is different :slight_smile:

Also the seed description says I think that it likes to be sawn near Foliage