Testing 224: Farming!


you are there currently ? can I come to see it ?


Im here, Im on Havran l


There are 24 blocks around the seed
2 moulds
1 other foliage
21 is rest

Whatever I change makes the data worse.

actually I cant get to perfect efficiency, so it can be a simple math issue in the code.

This is the best I can get, but for other seeds usually the yield chance goes over 1



you going to be for hire, when the time comes? lol


I’ve managed to get 0.66 / 1.025 for starberries - not max yet though.

They look like this…


Remove the 1 foliage


Looks like the server hates snow as much as I do… :slight_smile:

But didn’t James mention that, instead of getting rid of snow, he would prefer if it was something we want. I was expecting that snow plays a role with farming.


Is it just me or does a massive farm for berries seem…unreachable? Maybe i’m not picturing this correctly though.


I am going to visit you ! :wink:


what planet in testing are you on?


I’m on Havran I - swing on by if you want - I have all crops at max yields now (with the exception of the starberries - the last tweak is still baffling me!)


Can i get there from US test server? I am on Dand.


I’m not sure to be honest - I think there must be a way


It can be sown in/on rock. My testing showed that it works fine, the growth rate, yeilds can be maxed. However if there’s any rock in the surrounding area, then it’s growth drops to near zero.
BUT, gravel is the thing to sow them on, then you can have plants together.

My findings so far are here


I had to create an EU alt to get to some planets. Here are my coords & some portals. If you go thru Almund’s portal you can get to Havran
I have a portal to Muntel there too @Ratchel


THANK YOU! I have a portal right there in picture so will be a quick jump for me! ill check out your farms also!


Have you tried this in multi-layer? Would this 4 plot, 2 layer proposal work?
Layer 1 being 3 blocks above ground, layer 2 being 6 blocks above ground. If it works it would allow 4 seeds per plot.

Testing 224: Farming! (continued)

I saw this at first!


:rofl: I struggled hard trying to make that thing as easy as I could!