Testing 224: Farming!


Understood and thank youfor the answer.


It seems that the water over the crops needs to flow.

Not sure exactly how the system is defining flowing to be perfectly honest. I just know that what I did seems to be working.


The weather is simulated on the server. (If it wasn’t people would have different weather).



my bad then got some mis information



Reason I ask as I was going to try a level field but chisel a V shape and put water in it, just wondered if that would could t as flowing.

Unfortunately I have to ask others to try it out as don’t have access to testing!


here is what I think and that is very much just me with nothing to back it. Water on top of the block from a water source is flowing. You do not want it too deep or I think it will slow growth. So in theory you should be able to build a flat rice field. I essentially have that on the top level of my fields. You also need water to be near. This needs to be on the same plane as the block the rice is planted in. I built channels that take water from the same source and route it to the sides of the crop field. I also use the same idea as other places where it needs water near and first laid out mud and chiseled it to a slab so the water could flow over it so I get water and mud in the same block and both count towards maxing the yield.

If anyone knows differently please let me know


For me is: 100% / 67% / 1.04% also the max I can get.

Too bad water touching the soil from beneath doesn’t work.
But building on water can be handy to get water at the right spots when your pre building farms on live :smile:


Darn! I was hoping I could just layer it to be surface-efficient.


Crops seem to want the liked stuff to be on the same plane as the block you are planting on. The exception seems to be starberries which I have no clue how to maximize


Starberries just 2 moulds and one other foliage block, all the rest must be free air
So in one level you can make like 4 seeds per plot.
Nevertheless you can move to next layer, slightly shift it and have like this 3 layers.

I also could not get anything better.

Now struggling with the flowing water over flat rice field… dunno how to do it yet.


Mould is the Bonus block for Berries?


Mould and Air.

This is what I have done
Green is foliage with berry seeds
Purple is mould
rest is air
the “x” is showing are where the seed is affected (so its even overflowing the two plots)


Testing 224: Farming! (continued)

So do you feel this would work



With air surrounding?

Maybe adding an extra foliage on each side?


I don’t mind making notes for forging, but not for farming lol. I only math when I’m paid too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll be doing a lot more surface gathering. I enjoy doing that


You can only surface gather the basuc yam and starberry mats. You can effectively ignore optimization and get 1 to 1 yield crops to plants. This lets you avoid the maths.


Must master the art of…farming haha


Only getting like a .57 seed and .89 yield chance with the sloped crops. The further down the slope, the lower the stats. I’ve got mud on both sides and tilled the soil. What am I doing wrong here?


Not with the highest efficiency.
In current setup each seed has
2 molds, 1 other foliage (3 occupied) and 21 empty air blocks.
Changing anything on this setup takes efficiency down. You still get some results, with one additional block changed it still good, but i your pattern the seed in the middle has more than 10 additional blocks occupied.

Roughly like this… red marked what is more than optimum and turns the efficiency down


Testing 224: Farming! (continued)

so after the update, someone needs to go into business being the farm optimizer! Ill pay coin for it.


According to the data 22 empty air is optimal o.O Did you check if that’s true in practise too?