Testing 224: Farming!


While on this topic, I haven’t tested this specifically yet, but my guess is that with the produce yield, the 104% is a bonus from the default of 1 produce item, i.e. a crop with 104% should always yield 2 items of produce, with an additional 4% chance of a 3rd item of produce.

The farming epic, depending on how it stacks, probably increases that to 124.8%. I.e. always 2 drops and 24.8% of the time a 3rd drop.

But I am only making an informed guess here, based on the number of produce I have received from crops I have planted and harvested so far.


Didn’t realize Jesus had anything to do with this.

I suppose I just assumed the % sign there since the growth rate has a %. Thought maybe it was a bug which is why I was looking for a better layout. .67% is a stupid low amount and I thought i was doing something wrong. Turns out I was doing it right - just reading it wrong. Happens to the best of us. No reason to be a jerk about. . .


True, that is a weird inconsistency! I hadn’t really thought about it being an inconsistency at all until you mentioned this… Now I’m wondering why it is that way… :thinking:


I do think I like your lay out better than mine tho they both have the same stats.


true, my apologies. Also protip you can chisel the top off the sand and add water, combining water and sand into 1 block and getting the benefit of both.


Awesome. I am playing around with that now. I can’t wait until this update officially drops. Doing my best to be super prepared. :slight_smile:


How are you growing the Oryza OOtiva?


To max it you need to have water running over it and beside it as well as mud


Follow-up from the above. I have just finished harvesting my max yield Chagg’ (Flour) farm:

The final results are indicative that it does work like I was guessing. All crops gave either 2 or 3 produce; I have the farming epic, and all crops were maxed out.

So, due to chance, I’m thinking, the results were only 0.3% off the margin for the predicted amount of seed yield and about 4.2% off the margin for my prediction for produce yield.


I get the feeling that the RNG will affect small farms much more than larger farms.


Ah - starting to understand why we need slope farms now. Will have to play with this. Good thing we live on a mountain. We should be able to accomplish this fairly easy at Heartstone.


You could also jut drop the water from the ceiling lol.


I only used a slop to minimize the number or water sources I used. This farm only required two and I could lengthen the farm to get more crops.

If you want to see it sometime I am on Havran I on test


Does the water actually have to ‘flow’?


Yes, all crops have 100% base produce chance, 0% base seed chance.

@fidach The plant receives a growth speed penalty if in too deep water, on a flat surface it was the directly adjacent blocks that received a penalty.


Based on your insights from the raw data you can extract I take it? Thank you for the confirmation, in any case. :slight_smile:


Yup, the data is in the game files. I’ve just not advertised it a lot since I’m afraid people would become fixated on the current drop chances.


His response was that he will definitely work on implementing this because he thinks we are the most amazing community and he genuinely likes us (haha).

Edit: @james @dave true right??


Why is the weather and natural rain not a Thing with farming? Given the amount of rain or bad weather in General on our current planets it should be in there.
And if it is calculated, what are the numbers if anyone knows?


cuz im fairly sure right now weather is client side to have it be apart of farming would require making the weather a physical thing in the server