Testing 224: Farming!


I finally got around the high tier worlds as well - and found goo and all; happy days!!
runing around lava underground is so cool when one’s got the solidifier totem:sunglasses:


which gum makes the solidifier and liquid collector?


Venerable gum


I just had given myself some goo kernels of varying colours…


Abit off Topic, but i encountered the cannot warp Problem on live aswell. I wouldnt have noticed it if not for the new exo that spawned on sat/swunday.


If that’s the case then you might want to make a topic on Support with more details about it. :slight_smile:


Yeqa i should, but Abit…out of Energy recently. But i might :slight_smile:


Do we have a date for the update?


I’ve updated the Universe so that all world should be accessible now.


are withered plants dead or just go back to first stage? planted a set of yam crops 16hrs ago only 1 has matured so far


updated to show up correctly as matured in chunks, all other crops within the farm area had changed to matured


Only prestige plants will wither, and these are not available yet.

Variation in growth is due to plants using rng to advance to the next grow stage!


Whats your seed and Yield chance % on this layout?


It was maxed out. You can make a layout 2 blocks wider on the tilled soil compared to this, to my knowledge.


What is the max?
Were you able to get seed and yield chance up to 100% each?


Sorry, I automagically assumed you’d been keeping track of mention of yield caps etc. :slight_smile:

The max seed yield in the current testing version is supposedly 67% and the maximum produce yield is 104% (as per debug info), potentially subject to change. I think the maximum yields are different for in-organic crops but I haven’t personally checked what they are.


Okay, so you don’t mean 67% you meant .67% and 1.04% - or at least that is what my debug is telling me. I really thought i was missing something. lol


I do mean 67% and 104%. The debug info simply formats it differently. That is the max yield currently possible, at any rate.


I think 67% is correct as .67% would likely never result in a seed return.


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