Testing 224: Farming!


And thank you aswell :slight_smile:


So its been at least 3 days sense I planted Fraction and kindeling kernels. Out of about 30 plants only two of them have grown to the next stage. Not sure if its a bug or just the rng. Sowed it into rock with corruption next to it. I chisled half the corruption and added lava. Seems like the right setup


Have you check values from debug window?
Here are few examples with Combustion Fraction Kernel

1 Block distance from rock

2 Blocks distance from rock

3 Blocks distance from rock

Testing 224 - Combustion Fraction [Plant]

No I haven’t will look at that. Thanks


Note there is a bug with the “grow-on/plant-in/whatever you want to call it” crop condition in testing that makes it act like a “grow-near/plant-near” condition.

The inorganic crops can grow in rock, but they do not like doing so and with the next patch fixing that condition will behave as expected, with rock nearby not making a difference, and just it being whether its planted in rock or not.

The reason for having “can plant in rock, but really hates it” is about supporting wild-crops; if fuel crops really could only ever grow in gravel, and goo only ever grow in sponge… then we would basicly have no wild-crops at all as there just really is not that much gravel and sponge (on tops of caves too!) to support wild-crop spawning of thsese crops; so we’ve chose to “allow” them to be grown in rock (And thus can spawn in rock), but have set things up so that when you do so, you get a really slow growing crop that gives ■■■■ yields so that its not really something you would choose to do as a player. It’s something that I think should probably just be hidden away as an implementation detail and not actually let you plant them into rock as a user even if the wild-crops can be planted; just block it at the interaction level for users and then we can remove it from the gui details too and make that less confusing.


Normally I’d quickly agree 100% with this, though I’m wondering if from an aesthetic point of view it’s worth considering some way of culling that info in the context of farming while still allowing the actual action; someone might like to use the plant decoratively but prefer how it looks on rock instead of on gravel?

Just a random thought. To be honest, it’s probably better to give priority to minimising potential confusion over any aesthetic merits that implementation might have, but worth asking about it I think. Thank you for the explanation, in any case.


I see - makes sense. It’s cool…just tell us we can’t do it & we’ll avoid that until it goes live if it takes too much time to change it for now :+1: No biggie

P.S. Are some of the planets on the T.S. still offline? There’s a few that I can see, but it won’t let me go to them


What planet is that from?

There are definitely some planets online but not networked well. Even with location tokens from James I was unable to reach anything outside of:

dand -> kraterradal -> biitula -> leridian VIII

Gorillastomp apparently made it to t5 but said he was unable to warp back.

TBH I spent over 4 hours idling around test today between other tasks and scanning the night skies, no sight of any others.


That’s what I’ve been doing for quite some time today. I was getting ready to PM @Gorillastomp for the tokens, but I think some planets just aren’t reachable…or something?

I hit Mun over & over, but it won’t let me warp there.


I have portal to Muntel, but most likely it won’t help because it is on Havran I (EU side like Muntel)


I have an EU character :wink:


I am having the same issue I can see it and I can create a warp location to Mun but cannot warp to it/ It is interesting that when I view it it does not give me the blink sec distance. All the other planets I have see certainly do even the exos


Here is coordinates to Muntel portal in Havran I (1 367N, -1 078E, Alt 66)
I did try to find USW planets earlier that I could see more test farm layouts but couldn’t see any. Hopefully we get connection between planets soon :smiley:


I would like to give you token guys, but i can’t warp back to lower tier planet.


What planet are you on
Maybe we can get you a way back :blush:


Without a token, I don’t think I’ll be able to warp there. I have locations on Mun, but it won’t let me open them.


i can warp around the tiers 5 to tiers 7 but cant warp to a tier 3,2,1. So i ahve acces to all higher tier planet but stuck there.

little teasing :slight_smile:


You pooor thang! lol Dang it lolol
:heart_eyes: beautiful planet

Can you get to an Exo?

I’ve got Taris Majori & Leridian so far…I can see 4 or 5 tho


its a t7 rift exoworld.

Some stuff i learned, Goo wild Crop get color from the rock it’s sitting on and has around 20% crop from the resources tabs.


I saw some of @AeneaGames goo crops had red & other colors…I was wondering about that