Testing 224: Farming!


So am I reading client given datasheet wrong that those fuel plants dislike to be sown into rock? So right now text is listed way that it could be confusing?

Combustion and kindling info screenshots



You plant them in rock…
near lava, anc.corr., gravel…
and place gleam for light
and they take 3+ days to mature


Does refined gleam have a greater effect than unrefined, or does it make no difference as long as it’s within x blocks?


I used raw gleam. I don’t know the lumens/luminosity value of the blocks though. Not sure if lanterns are better either. I don’t know how close the gleam has to be. :frowning:


Its confusing because the line ‘sown in’ is dashed beneath dislikes, making it seem like it dislikes being sown in rock


Yes, this is what I mean. That information is shown way that it could cause misunderstanding :smiley:


To be clear, it does dislike rock, especially being sown in it, as I understand.

See this discussion, too:


Lol, so maybe just best I check it myself instead of asking here that is stuff listed right now funny way or not :smiley:


I mostly looked at the last 4 lines.
Sown near…
Sown in…
And then used whatever resources each line said … with regards to gleam I used gleam lanterns and the best I could get was 99.9% optimal …not sure how to get the last 0.1%


If it doesn’t like rock, then this info needs to be changed.

I don’t know what the point of the last line is…is that a like or dislike? The top part says it can be sown in gravel or rock…the bottom line…is unclear that that means.


I understand it so, that first line is where you can find it on wild or listing all possibilities where you can sown seed.


The formatting does seem a bit unintuitive.

Perhaps it should read as:


  • Gleamlight
  • Being sown near lava, corruption, gravel


  • Sunlight
  • Being sown in rock

With a clear indication that it is under either like or dislike.


I took the last line as being the best one for us to sow it in and the one you highlighted as being where it grows naturally but I agree it is very confusing to have 2 lines with the same titles but different information. I only used the last line because it was the only one with the common denominator.


Ahh… now that you’ve put it in that format I’m not so sure … hadn’t really noticed that a couple of those lines where indented.


While People are Looking in here, is it confirmed that grass seeds become useless?
I mean, are the recipes for grass gone?


Yes. Right now those are not listed knowledge. Only info seem to be that grass blocks drop those. I haven’t done any crafting on testing so I base my information on knowledge page.

Edit: adding just that knowledge is not perfect, I think it is missing right now info that bark wouldn’t drop from trunks but it is listed on Trunks that it is dropping it and it does drop it when I did test it fast :slight_smile:


Thank you for the info.


In regards to that:

Seems to imply that Bark is still intended to drop from trunks, but with the additional alternate way of being acquirable via crafting.


Just replying to one more time about this listing. Yes it is like that. It is shown right on currently on tool tip but IMO it should be shown someway better :slight_smile:

Example from TESTING I did planted Combustion Fraction Kernels to gravel:

They hate rocks in 3 block range (on same level, 2D), after removing rocks that area growth-scaled it did jump from 0.999% to 100%.


Recipes are gone from the Extractor…