Testing 224: Farming!


Oddly enough, the lava was the worst offender…spilling out everywhere. The water & oil acted as I expected & it worked well. Perhaps the lava has more of a spreading factor?


Would you have the time to post the “seeds” and which blocks to “plant” them in?
My apologies if I missed this info, couldn’t find it.


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Sry if this has been asked already. Will the tier of the planet effect the drop rate on farm crops?


Yield rates of farmed crops are not affected by world level.

Farming Suggestion - Reason to Farm Organic Crops on High Tier Worlds

Thanks for the quick answer!




Thanks for the photos!

If a seed reads
Sown in: Any rock, gravel

But also reads
Dislikes: sunlight
Sown in: Any rock

I’m guessing that means even though it can be found in rock, it wont grow in rock. Or am I off.

I noticed in your video where the combustion fraction kernel (i think) werent growing underground, is it because they were in rock and not in gravel? I could be wrong, couldnt remember where the video was to check


Is this a change, or a misunderstanding? What surface resources do you mean?

It seems firmly established that the drop rates of, for instance, a desert sword or basic boulder, etc…are not affected by world level.

If you mean the block drops, I apologize, but definitely want to clarify as I don’t usually see those referred to as surface resources.



Those are mainly the fuel plants that like to be grown underground on rocks.

Yes, I did not place some of the seeds correctly. I have since planted some more & will make a new video. I did things in haste the 1st time, & over-looked some of the info.


OMG, awesome. Thanks!


Ah ok, im trying to gather as much info as possible since im ps4 and trying to build my farm in live :smile:. The photos and vids are very useful tho, keep em comin!


Updated OP with details of the full Testing universe.


I think these are tooltips are currently little bit confusing when there is missing Sown In information under Likes on certain seeds. Still great information available to players which is great!

Goo, missing has it only in under Dislike so it doesn't like to be planted on rocks

Kranut, missing it

Starberry has it under Likes.


Yep - you’re correct. Drop rates for surface resources don’t change on world level.

(I was thinking about a different set of data which determines how the surface resources are generated into the worlds - which does vary based on level. I’ve edited by response to not confuse people.)



The fuel seeds are planted on any rock but need ancient corruption and gravel nearby and dislike sunlight but like gleam light.


They also like Lava nearby. I have found it is easier to grow them in Gravel so that counts as near


Ah yes the lava, I knew I forgot something :slightly_smiling_face:


There is a lot of new stuff to remember right now. I have started my spreadsheets.

I need to actually go ahead and harvest my inorganics and redo the area to try and max the yields. . maybe later tonight. I wonder if I can place ancient corruption, chisel it and then place lava on it? I have been doing that with Sand and water to only take one block for both items that need to be close to certain organic crops.


I did a row of ancient then gravel alternating then chiseled a half block channel along one edge filled with lava, all the inorganics are planted on rock beside it. Only did it last night but won’t get a chance to check how it’s doing today.