Testing 226: Ornamental Crops!


Exactly… and in the instance with Quebec Mall, our plots are not the oldest… since stores were already there when we inherited it.

So far this does not sound like I’m going to like this update… I’m super worried about how it will work out.


If they added beacon trading/transfers, the question would become:
Will newly received/acquired beacons/plots be retroactive to the date of the previous owner…retaining their “age” or will it be considered a newly plotted area…losing their buffer zone to older nearby beacons/plots? I assume they would be considered new because they have to tie into the new person’s account, gleam club, etc.:woman_shrugging:


We do have a tendancy to fill these update threads with worry about negative impacts, and generally they do turn out fine once we see them in action. But this one does feel like a bit of a sledgehammer approach that might be a little overkill in terms of a solution.

If the aim is to reduce the occasional plot dispute, it seems to me like forcing plot issues on every beacon in the game may have the opposite effect. But we’ll see, these wonderstruck guys have done pretty damn well building a game so far so it could just be a case of us worrying without really understanding it yet.


Yeah, this gif kind of reminds me of how the forums reacts when patch notes comes out.Major%20patch%20reactions




I didn’t mean anything negative by it, just that we are all happy, then shocked, then go back to being happy. Though in all fairness I don’t know if everyone always goes back to being happy. :thinking:


You’re not wrong. I’ll admit…I definitely thought a buffer zone could be helpful before we got guilds. I’ve changed my mind about it now that I see how it will affect pretty much everyone.

I do love the way the plot grid looks on the debug and I’m sure everyone will like getting 2x the plots for free. It could all end up fine or a huge mess. Dunno. I see some big issues and I don’t want to be quiet about it.

I do love the way the ornamental plants look & the huge prestige they will give. I wasn’t going to mess with them, but I’ve changed my mind. I will definitely be growing them. :wilted_flower::heart_eyes:


And you shouldn’t be quiet about it. I can see this going either really well or not so great. I don’t have a lot of skin in the game when it comes to the barriers because they won’t affect me at all, so I’m just looking for ways to help mitigate issues people are seeing. The more ideas that get out there the better, imo.


Patch notes, exos, the Umbris exos, daily logins :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I like your idea about prestige crops losing their prestige value rather than looking decayed.

I’m thinking those crops could have durability similar to machine coils and to raise the prestige back to full value maybe using some sort of fertilizer.

That would allow builders to use them as pure decorations if they are not worried about the prestige gain.


I kinda find it a shame that the buffer zone thing has been added to the Farming 2.0 and the marble and other lighting changes.

Because this buffer thing is gonna make sure this will linger in testing for a few weeks now until we are all satisfied with it which I feel is going to be difficult.

I like the idea of some extra protection but I don’t like the potential consequences it might have.

It’s a buffer of 2 plots around your build? Can’t we just do it the old fashioned way? ie. if you want a buffer plot them! It’s what I’ve always done…

(granted, I think that right now I have a 5k plot buffer around Nova Golda :joy:)


You only need 12k plots, 1 plot can reserve a total of 25 plots incluidng itself, so 300k / 25 is 12k so thats like 4k plots if you have the bonus thing


No, that’s still 12k plots…

People seem to be forgetting that when you spend your cubits on plots you just get more of them…

But… I;m currently over 11k plots on my main character, am sure that combined with my alts I would have 12k :smiley:


Run! Hide! The James is replying!!! :smiley:


To be honest, I hope it does take a while to test, purely for selfish reasons… I’m away from my computer for a little over a week and I really want to test it all out :joy:


Oh well, my bad…

You have 12k plots? Eh? Nice, next perma world that we get after this plotting update, i want you to plot it alllllll hahahaha


Hey Everyone.

Thanks for the comments and feedback about the beacon changes.

Please make sure you’ve digested the comments I shared here:

Also inlined:

What this system does mainly does it give an entitlement to players who were there first.

You should have a say over who can claim an available plot next to you. Your investment in your beacon is longer and that should count for something. Players would often prefer wilderness than an unfriendly or unwanted neighbour.

We’re obviously aware that there is an extremely complex set of beacons already in the worlds. We didn’t rush to implement this, and have being thinking about it since originally proposed (last October).

I will make sure we have suitable admin commands for tidying up the history in certain circumstances.

Release 227: Decorative Crops!

Between your farm and my… uh… messy ensemble of blocks, I’ve planted some prestige crops. You’ll get to see them all grown when you log in. :stuck_out_tongue:


And now back to the Ornamental Crops

Very nice :+1::+1:
But; ultimately you would be able to hang them from leaves blocks to …
Would you all :thinking:

For now, they first need to grow a wile :grinning:


Yes please, devs, allow the Trailing Starblossom to be planted on leaves. It’s waaay too weird, otherwise.