Testing 226: Ornamental Crops!


Guess that means I’d need 45k plots. :stuck_out_tongue:


I believe we need to be able to only give permission for specific reserved plots to be taken, too.

For big malls, or even builds such as mine, which effectively have a lot of gaps, I might want to allow someone to take a specific gap, rather than any gap.

In the screenshot above, a lot of those unplotted areas will become reserved as buffer, under the new system; So what I mean is that I have a grid layout and I could want to allow someone only within a specific square of this grid, but not in the rest of the squares; the way the buffer system will work in its current iteration does not allow enough control for this type of situation.


I think you’re missing the joke.
I don’t think Peyago was saying that people on the forums are babies.
Like he just said, in the gif, the character (which happens to be a baby, but not the point of the joke) seems super happy, then shocked.
I thought it was funny and pretty accurate.
Most of us are like “OH YEAH, UPDATE THREAD!” and quickly after “OH MY GOD THIS IS GOING TO CHANGE EVERYTHING!”. Some are then scared, angry, worried, or reassured.

Personally, the Buffer system isn’t going to bother me in any way, it will actually protect my build against… some people.




Yeah, I was going for the reactions, not the fact that its a baby. Maybe I should have used a puppy? :thinking:

@majorvex brings up valid points and breaks down the issues, even goes through and takes the time to use pictures or videos to show whats going on. She does much better at it than I do :man_shrugging:


It will impact others. It is a change in the way plotting in a settlement works. I think anyone that says it does not have an affect is not thinking it through. Personally, I will need to work with a few players in the guild to get some plotting issues addressed, but I do have the advantage of it being a close group of players. I do think that posting specific situations may give the developers feedback on where they might tweak the functionality and should be posted.

This being said, I still think the developers reasons for the change are still valid. If the continuing forced merges are a constant drain on developer resources then this needs to be addressed. In particular if it is directly leading to players leaving the game.


Oh I can attest to the fact that it does.

We have quite a number of players who think impermanence is beauty, but I’d wadger that there’s far more players who feel the opposite.


Something that I fear will be SUPER INSANELY frustrating will be the inability to get seeds when you kill the prestige plant.

While looking around, I had the fertilizer in one hand and a totem in the other hand, and I used the wrong mouse button and hit the flower instead of fertilizing it. Now, not only did I lost the progress on the almost fully grown plant, but I also lost the seed.
Gonna have to REALLY be super careful about that.
I could appreciate if they had a larger health pool.

On the other hand, the fully grown and fertilized plant seems to live for 4 weeks and 5 days (maybe 6 days). I looked earlier today and the flower wasn’t fully grown yet.


I have done this myself a few times. It would be nice if we had some kind of locking spray to prevent us from breaking it :joy:. Im growing some combustion fraction on the surface to use as decoration and i fear breaking those on accident too.


Farming crops always give the seeds back if they arent mature.

I think it should be the case for the ornamental plants


A true farmer knows his tools :joy:


Yea wilted plants could of course not give a seed return as a penalty for letting it die. But if seed return is locked to 100% max we wouldnt be able to reproduce anyway.

Sidenote. What determines the tint of these ornamental crops? Is it the color of the basic flower we use to craft it or did i misread that they would be tintable?


I can only guess this is the base flower color for now since i did not tested it yet. But the one from meteor i have no clue what tint will it get.


confirmed it does take the base flower colors. can’t be spray painted


Thanks for checking. Glad i didnt get rid of my flower collection lol


The Sentinel gets its color from the gleam of the planet. That is the one that drop from meteor.


WHAT!? You calling me a witch with a b now??? :joy:


After 2 days thinking about the new plots protecting system, the more negative and scary feeling i got …
Dev, 2 plots deep is too much, should be at max 1 plot deep instead, and give us rental planet also !


Updated Release notes with @Jiivita’s update video. Thanks!!


I decide to move to Alcyon & become a hermit to avoid this in the future.

Hey now!

You saying something is wrong with this?

(from current sole permanent resident of Alcyon AFAIK)