Testing 226: Ornamental Crops!

I used to have a whole little city there myself lol

I’ve begun building on another planet as a backup if things go sideways.

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For that case: I wonder if beacon transference might be a better approach? (assuming we get it as a system)

E.g. you plot the gap as a separate beacon, and then transfer that beacon to the person you want to allow to build in it


That would probably work for situations like mine. :thinking: Not sure about situations like @majorvex’s mall though, where shops can be directly adjacent to each other.

Edit: To be clear, the following is a tangent, since it got me thinking about beacon transfers paired with buffer zones.

Although beacon transfers could sort some issues when joined together with the buffer system, I still have the concern that we wouldn’t have enough plot-level control because as it is, there is no way of dis-jointing plots from a beacon into a new and separate beacon, and there’s also no way of merging multiple beacons into a single one. (Assume all of those only belong to one person, for simplicity’s sake)

And there’s no guarantee that would be possible even if beacon transfers are added, though I can only hope.

For very large unique beacons like mine, a full beacon transfer would likely not work well if I only wanted to give control of say, one of the stretches of “road” to someone else, or transfer one of the storage areas to an alt or something like that.

Yes, I could unplot and then create a new beacon and replot the built up area, but there’s potential issues there, such as missing out plots and letting them regen by accident or heaven forbid, someone coming along and regening it with a bomb. The latter could be prevented if recently unbeaconed plots were prevented from player-source world regen but I don’t know if that would be possible without a rework, under the current way wild/unbeaconed plots work.

I guess this is all very theoretical, but without a system actually in place in the live worlds it’s difficult to truly gauge how things might work, I think.

Personally, in principle, I am not opposed to either the buffer system or a plot transference system and would probably appreciate them being in-game, but like with the permissions system, I just want to be sure there is sufficient granular control – though on the perms front, advanced locks have been good for that in fairness.

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So unless I’m missing something, my suspicion that the “prestige” value in the client data is related to the prestige tiers for bonus calculations and the actual flat prestige values are no longer in there anymore is correct after all?

That is how it works. The ornamentals dont give prestige until mature, and when growing will give back the seed if broken. Once the gui shows ‘expected time to wither’ its mature


It could be good then (like @Goblinounours stated) give them a little bit of armor once mature so we can’t one hit them.

An accident can happen and losing a mature plant due to a misclick,lag could be sad.


Also, @james & @lucadeltodecso could we get a rebalancing on goo?
I’m sure you’ve noticed some threads where many players agree that it feels heavily underwhelming to have an optimized setup which gives less than 95% seed yield at best, to make so little spray paint, which works on so little blocks. We then start to wonder “why bother?”.

I link you some threads such as :
@illuminawtyness Feedback from Goo Farm
@Mayumichi Goo - I feel bamboozled

I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that the overall sentiment is that it’s not really worth the effort.


Yes please!

Tho I don’t mind the 95% seed chance all that much, sure, I’d prefer 100% haha, but what my biggest problem with goo is is the fact 1 spray can can only colour 1 block. After all the trouble you go through and chances to lose the seeds it’s absolutely totally not worth the time and effort.

I still gather goo seeds and plant them now and then but I’m really waiting until we can actually really use it and not just as a NOVELTY for a few blocks at a time…


Well, I really mind spending lots of time making a special setup for goo seed yield, and when I start using it, I loose pretty much 1/4 of my seeds at the first harvest because RNG’s a b**ch.
So right now, I haven’t harvested any goo in… I dunno, 2 weeks? I’m waiting for some re-balancing.

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On a side-note, the models from Ancient Oat Grain, Oortian Rice Grain and Oorum Wheat Grain could use a sliiight modification to their model while they’re in storage. Maybe have them in diagonal, or slightly smaller?


So, on August 9, I planted a number of Oortweeds in my garden near Stretchious’ place on testing.
I wasn’t online during the 10th and 11th, and I just came back moments ago to see how things had progressed, and made sure everything got some high-octane fertilizer.

Noticed that some oortweeds were bigger than others (as you can see on the left part of the screenshot below, the nearby oortweeds are about 2/3rd the size of the bigger ones.

What bothers me is that the bigger ones are expected to wither in almost 3 weeks, while the smaller ones are expected to wither in almost 5 weeks.

What makes me afraid with this is that on live, say I plant 30 prestige crops like these, some will be grown in the following 20 hours, some won’t be grown 5 days later, and some will (apparently) grow bigger but wither faster…

It’s not a problem with farming crops because those don’t wither, so you can fertilize them, leave the game for a few days, no worries, come back, some aren’t fully grown, no problem, those that are can be harvested or not, there’s no timer.

But if you plant all your prestige crops at the same time and they all wither at various moments (from 3 to maybe even 6 weeks), that might be waaaaaaaaay too maintenance heavy.
You’re gonna end-up having to check every single day to fertilize them, make sure they mature quickly and die as slow as possible, and it’s all gonna be about RNG.
That’s my biggest concern, here. The type of concern which I’m afraid might at one point make a lot of people ignore these prestige crops.


Looks like its time to start stocking lighter marble again


Updated OP with details of Testing 226.2.


On the topic of drops and the information to available to players whilst in-game, I have often wondered why the drop rates are obfuscated behind these “common, rare”, etc definitions. Is it because of information display density? I understand that if you have 5 different %s for say “Bones” that it’s a bit weird to display 5 different %s for a single creature and then times that for each of the other creatures…

But if that were the issue, it could be partially resolved by showing a range, such as “1-10% drop from Spitter T1-T7” or whatever? It would still be non-specific, but at least it would be a ballpark of what to expect. Even defining somewhere that Very Rare means 0.01-1% and Rare means 1-4% or something of that sort; that would be helpful. :thinking:

Or is there a concern that it might affect player behaviour in some negative way by having %s displayed…?

Would just like to understand the reasoning behind the way things are currently working. To me this falls under the “fat to trim” type of thing, more specifically trimming out obfuscation of gameplay relevant statistics.


You could even make it so it counts the Luck into play for the drop % by showing, let’s say a 10% drop as “28(10)% drop chance” (unless my math is obviously wrong in +180% drop chance being 28% from 10%. don’t judge).

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It’s good to see that trailling starblossom can now grow on leaves. That will be pretty cool in Live.

Could it be possible to add to this update something for signs and trapdoors not being able to block rain?

Also, I’m still very concerned about the issues with how goo is balanced, and I fear that might end-up being swept under the rug.


Do these authority issues include beacons that a player has reserved an area for a possible future build but then because another person has built nearby and might eventually want those plots they raise it as an issue of their build being blocked by inactive beacons. Will the owner be contacted first before any action is taken or are you more likely to just remove the beacon because nothing has been built?

I hope this doesn’t turn into something that enables larger groups of players to report and stomp on a smaller group of players, because they try to scream it is in the „Interest of the community“

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