Testing 228: Window Panes and Lattice Frames!


the mesh-lighting, apart from being 2x2x2 also works in an entirely different way (via approximated spherical harmonics generated from the per-block lighting data) and there are various hueristics involved that try to match them well, this was adjusted after the lighting changes, and in my test cases at least was working well enough, but clearly not good enough here and is coming out darker.

Light Source don't produce light as much as held light source

Alright :thinking: The storage block mesh itself should imo appear more white too with a light source so close.

Also, if the current mesh lighting resolution is to stay I’d love to get a setting to enable 1x1x1 in the client. But that might introduce a huge visual difference between graphics settings :confused:


Almost sounds like there’s more issues with this light than there was with the old way :joy:


Is there a planned Release for this Update for everyone?


Updated OP with @Jiivita’s Overview Video.

(Off to fix the issues he raised!)


Does that mean the window panes will block weather like rain? Or will it need to be done after the update’s release as a fix?

If it’s the former, I hope it will include the same fix for the signs and trap-doors. ^^


they “do” block the rain, its just that transparent ordering fails here, and the weather is rendered after the glass and so kind of looks like its passing through, but actually isnt if you pay attention…


Ah? I’m unable to check on testing right now for the window panes, but on live, the signs don’t block rain and I have rain falling through 2 layers of signs. So if window panes on testing work the same way, there’s a problem.


I believe flat signs blocking weather was part of the last live release… maybe its only in testing.


Ok, thanks for the info. I’ll go check that later today. :slight_smile:


glass panes doesn’t have the same transparency when placed against water as suppose to normal glass.
is it intentional?


Update OP with details of Testing 228.1. Mainly fixes.


Might this help with my workshop??
Sounds like it will tho.


We don’t think anything was particularly slower in the recent updates. But clearly over time as features have been added the performance has slipped beneath a tipping point.

This change will prefer to alter the LOD of meshes over the LOD of the voxel landscape. Which should help.

Ideally we’d be able to just focus on performance for a period. The game is mainly CPU limited and not GPU limited. The PS4 has a relatively slow CPU - so the aim is always to get stuff running across multiple cores.


I’m happy to read this!


Thank yous!!!


Some pretty cool updates. I think some effort needs to be done about glass blocks and the glass panes blocking rain and other weather effects. It’ll just make them a lot better.

Although I think the lattice could have been done without another Boon added, I do understand that it probably was more practical to be done this way.

More stuff is better than not getting anything. Although it’s a pretty small update IMO, it’s still a good one that focuses on giving building more options.


This might get me back to take a look when it drops. Like most of what I’m seeing here.


Common Biv!! Come back!! It’s not the same without you in the game!!


It hurt my soul when I saw you needed to forge a chisel to pick up water. Freaking water. Just let me scoop it up in a bucket. This is exactly the type of stuff that pushed me away.

And the mat requirements for panes of glass? It’s freaking ridiculous.

They need to check this kind if stuff…and get rid of the freaking rng on the forge. It’s like they WANT to push people away.