Testing 228: Window Panes and Lattice Frames!


Is there a portal somewhere close behind those storage blocks?


Nah, that happens when you have this:

shelves | wall | outside


Not even close, there’s just open space and grass


This is probably the same issue as here


I shouldn’t have to place another wall just to make it how I want it

(I’d have to get more plots to outline the building, and mats)


If you check that thread he explains that its a limitation of how the lighting is currently done basically the daytime light is bleeding through and backlighting the storage blocks.


Yes, I noticed the world lighting affects mesh storage


Yup. The sunlight can permeate a one block wall


Yes those are my pics from a friend’s abandoned beacon. I happened to be in that build when Vex posted about this effect happening on some signs as well. Funny to read back to the post I thought, and sort of do still do think that oil slick/rainbow effect looks neat.

The problem that’s not 100% obvious in the screenshots of empty cabinets is that it means it’s even harder to see what’s in the blocks during the day time.

This is what I mean when I’m talking about the interactive, relative, not sure what to call it but the effect where daylight causes other light sources to dim out. BTW these are cold berry storage blocks, lit with adjacent bright magenta gleam.

Here’s a night shot:

So not only is the sunlight having MAJOR effects on lighting in a 100% enclosed area, it’s actually making things harder to see in the day. Here are the blocks in the side cabinet, just so you see these aren’t a bunch of black blocks.


Correct you shouldn’t.

But creating a game that renders in realtime a dynamic world with potentially thousands of lights is absolutely non-trivial. It’s ultimately a process of cutting corners and compressing the visual representation, so that the best possible visuals can be achieved on the widest spectrum of graphics cards.

In this particular case we’re sampling the lighting at a resolution of 2x2x2, and these happen to be sampling outside. Outside lighting is different to inside lighting and you get these obvious visual artifacts. It’s obvious here. But notice that it’s not really obvious anywhere else. That’s because it works really well.

The trivial fix would be to sample the world a 1x1x1 (btw even this isn’t enough sometimes, for example [not quite the same thing but] you may have noticed that closed doors will be lit on the inside as if they’re outside - also pretty weird.)

We could switch to 1x1x1 and it would be lit correctly - but then player that struggle with performance would struggle more.

Additional - @lucadeltodecso and I have been talking about how to resolve this. We’re also not exactly thrilled with the visual artifacts!! We’re not ignoring it. But it’s something that isn’t so trivial to fix without having an affect on performance.


I’m actually really happy to learn that I just need to buffer my storage a bit from the outside. It’s a super simple fix for me to just nudge some blocks over. I know I don’t speak for everyone, but I’ll be 100% happy with the lighting once I do that, instead of my 95% happy state before.

Also, I completely appreciate the need to optimize certain calculations!

Thanks! :heart:


The storage blocks are driving me nuts. And others too. I need to hear this as several update cycles roll by with no change or input.

If they had a little bit of emissive light in the cubbies perhaps it would help as I don’t so much mind the artifacts or drastic color change on the box as much as not being able to see what’s in it.

Lighted cabinets are a real thing and especially in cases where the cabinets are helpful for sorting the output of a bunch or stacks actually being to see the proper type and color of the stacks again would be WONDERFUL while still allowing the local light, whether gleam or lanterns or sunlight whatever, to affect the overall tone of the build as you like.

I have a spot where it seems like the color from some bright gleam at a distance is washing out the color of a closer, darker gleam on my cabinets and much like the sunlight, resulting in a net effect of decreased visibility for the cabinet contents.

My hardware for this is pretty low end, so I appreciate the performance considerations. This is a huge hit to usability though and since it came with some heavy performance hits (same update even if not the same effects) it seems like a big double whammy.


Dang, that some inception level chiseling.


Hmm, perhaps a new craftable storage block with some gleam!


No pls. Fix the hundreds/thousands of cabinets I have now first.


Nah - it only requires:

  1. A few taps with the Lattice Chisel to select the size.
  2. 4 taps with a Bevel Chisel to switch to the octagon shape and remove the “arms”.

There is no requirement to use a square chisel.


No demand for high-level tools or forge crafting;
I used 3 stone lattice chisels to create this build on Testing Dand :grinning:
And a lot of :boundless: build-time of course :+1:


The video I posted happens in a 2-block thick enclosed space too, so is that something else than the light sampling resolution?


I don’t understand what the video is presenting.


How blocks in storage appear so dark. White blocks in storage appear dark grey even with a white gleam block right next to the storage block.