Testing 228: Window Panes and Lattice Frames!


I don’t know…I made a portal on norkya and put water flowing down the walls…it was blue. Now it’s pink like the planet and all blends in with each other there more wrong with just the slider…but I guess that’s the direction they want the game so just have to deal with it…


Yea I’m not a fan of the different colored water on the planets as well. But I guess you’re better than I am because I won’t deal with it. It’s a big enough aspect of the game I don’t like now so why should I keep playing something I no longer like. I don’t like farming but that doesn’t affect my game play. The brightness and color does tho.


What are you expecting them to say or do exactly? They’d said for over a year that lighting was being worked on because it wasn’t working in game properly. There are months and months of posts talking about how light reflected off of metamorphic rock and people just refused to use to build with because it reflected light so poorly.

They made the changes to fix that and now the complaint is it’s too dark? Because they fixed everything from being so danged reflective. I don’t see how there is an in between. If they attempt to lessen the change then we’re just going to see those old posts about meta rock being too bright and not matching their color again.


I know there was post about how lighting was reflecting off of meta. But I don’t recall any other issues with it. Oh and the chisel lighting that they decided to leave as is. But all light sources got dark. Colors got darker. Gem colors changed. Water colors changed. Those were never talked about. And I never built with meta because I don’t like meta so that aspect never affected me.

Also if I would have known from the start that colors and light may change I would have never started playing. I would have waited till it happened and then maybe just maybe I would have liked it.

Also I already said I want them to say things aren’t changing so I can destroy everything uninstall and check back in a year from now if the game is still around.


Ah ok I see what you’re saying. I guess for some reason I just always assumed we would be having a huge color shake up at some point based off those posts regarding lighting so I had been waiting for a big change eventually.

Makes more sense when you say it like that. I can definitely get the frustration with things changing as drastically as the did.

But how do you remedy it, to your liking, so you don’t feel like quitting? Is rebuilding just absolutely not an option? Is that why you asked to know that it’s final, that it won’t change again so you know the color palette you are finally working with? Nvm that I see your comment at the end


I tried redoing lighting in some places that used lanterns to white gleam lanterns and it didn’t actually brighten the area it just white washed it.


I guess right now I’d be satisfied to hear that they haven’t quit on the mesh lighting and , not sure what to call it but the interactive light effects.

It’s late, I deleted a bunch of rambling from here. I’m thinking about a new base anyways and if dark and gloomy is what they want, i’ll build for it. Lights every fourth block? Sure whatever. That’s how my base is built now. Lanterns are probably the third most common block in my build. I have tons of gleam in my non-lantern areas.

But they don’t LIGHT UP MY STUFF.

lol there’s a whole conversation while I try and answer this simple question. I’m frustrated. I don’t want to seem petty or whatever but yeah. I’m having a hard time clarifying my feelings on the general sense of gloominess and some of these other issues, largely due to the fact that I need so damn much storage, and it’s broken.

I doesn’t matter if you put a spotlight on all that dark deco wood. You still won’t be able to see all the oort in those cabinets without adding a glass ceiling. Then, nearly half the time you can see it.


I know there is still plans to add a spanner to make light sources brighter but really doesn’t solve anything when you built the rooms with chisel lighting. I’d have to destroy the whole thing basically to just get to them. And I used the chisel lighting that was always going to stay not the version they thought about fixing


There must be something wrong with the mesh lighting, walls leaking light and the objects in them are weirdly lit.

This is all white, white storage, white deco rock in it, white gleam lighting it.


BSee that’s the thing. Since the farming update white has been more of grey. I had my original hub made from whiter wicker for the floors and ceiling and oxide grey brick walls(which were pretty light in color). There was over 200 pieces of white gleam lighting the place. It looked great. Update hits everything was dim needed a lot more lighting. The hub was about 2 1/2 plots by 1 1/2 and only 1 plot tall. So that should have been more then enough gleam.


I linked this thread earlier but yeah, here’s my white cabinets lit with white gleam in the adjacent block. I mean, I placed the gleam ONTO the storage cabinets and then bevel chiseled it back so you can see the cabinets.

I’m not copying all the pics over but if you look in the other thread you can see what those blocks are in sunlight. But it has to be direct sunlight or it casts that chromatic rainbow over them all.

I have cabinets fully surrounded with lanterns and lanterns one block in front of them, and if the blocks aren’t bright you can’t even see that there are blocks in them from 2-3 steps away.

It’s very frustrating, and it’s, well, darkening my perception of the entire game.

EDIT: I meant to reply to @Mayumichi but quoting myself made things weird.


If anything the two of your posts just prove that there are more changes coming. That’s clearly not intended or normal I would assume. I don’t use whites so the change isn’t as drastic to me. I also use white gleam as a solid chiseled beam in front of my storage units, like fluorescent strips I guess. So that might also aid in the looking through storage thing.


I think it’s because the vanta-black thing, anything not 100% white will absorb light, but a bit differently than in the real world. I like how it makes things “pop” more, contrast is great, the atmosphere it brings is great. But it doesn’t always look like you’d expect.

Anyway, I’ve adapted and new builds look better where I’ve had the opportunity to test the palettes beforehand, all in all I like the changes, if the storage behaved better and we had the gleam brightness tool I’d have nothing to complain about. The hardest part is still how some blocks are matte and some glossy, which tints them a bit differently. See the difference between the walls and the floor in the screenshot below, all white but the floor is more white :smiley: I’ll survive though, and the effect could be utilised by a more advanced builder, I just struggle with palettes and how to make different blocks look good next to each other.

@Nightstar Yeah I read through it, just thought it’s even more pronounced on white stuff and recorded a video showing it in action, I have a hard time comparing screenshots :smiley:


The fact that we can’t anymore quick drop items from smartstacks is very annoying and can quickly becoming tedious…

As PS4 players we can’t do something to improve rendering unlike PC players. We have to see that ugly rendering all the time…

You’re doing a great job devs and I’m grateful for all the hard work but please, do something about all those issues. Thank you @james


Yea that’s nice…I didn’t ever complain before. So thanks for that…and it’s still not fixed…they might of fixed one thing but there other areas that a a problem…and I see more people not liking the colors now than before…anyway it’s still fun game…just chill it’s only people’s opinion that’s all. It’s not do or die. It’s a game


Looks good!, I still want to be able to chisel glass blocks though so I can stick some on a 45 degree wall and it be smooth (appreciate this is a blocky game but still…….)


I stopped playing too. Sometimes installing the game/go to her/see the picture/frustrated and just go out/remove the game from the computer. The same thing happens to my girlfriend and two friends


I believe it’s the Venerable him. Hence earthyams. :blush:


Just chill? It’s very chill here. :smiley: i asked a question and they explained more in depth so I understood better where they were coming from.


Same lighting, same shelf color.

(since there was talk about storage and lighting lol)