Testing 228: Window Panes and Lattice Frames!


I never thought me knowing how to speak basic conversational French is why I don’t have trouble with Malurialakrib. Tho I prefer to say McRib or Malu. Course I also speak a little more Spanish than I do French. So maybe it’s that one :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Never said “it must be”! ^^’


Some other fixes to be made I’m sure you are aware of may be,

  1. The in game chat. Pm’s are delayed. Sometimes coming in once you log in with a alt, go though a portal or run away from whom you’re talking to if they are using it. I’ve had it to come up to 2 weeks later. Messages also won’t pop up most times for some.

  2. May we make everything alphabetical in the warp menu? Beacons currently are not.

  3. This is a major one, since the farming update my self and others have noticed a couple things. A:Stamina doesn’t seem to last as long when mining with a hammer. Have you done anything to reduce stamina drain?
    B: the rendering has became VERY bad! I only hear this from PS4 users. Mine is 50 percent worse now. I’m not exaggerating about this. The distance rendered properly is about half of what is was. This makes cities look pretty bad. Perhaps you can investigate this?

  4. I’m not sure if this was fixed but recently we cannot drop individual items from the stack in our inventory anymore. Now today I could on some things I was trying. Take for example, a stack of rock that has meta, sedimentary and igneous rock together in it. I could not drop the sedimentary 100 stack anymore. I had to drag out of the primary stack first then drop from it’s own box slot.

  5. Max light forged gear. This should work more like a bright light bulb that is the brightest thing in the game. Now I find myself in a ok lite room only to equip my max light totem to have NO change in brightness around me. This was never Iike this for almost 1 year of gameplay. I think it was more realistic before with the lumens and their effect in my space.

  6. Recently since update I’m getting a rubber banding issue when traveling fast with my grapple. The grapple is shooting and stopping a few plots a head of me then springing me forward then back. It’s a weird animation and doesn’t always happen. It has happened many times when my connection was stable.

Thanks James for all you and the rest of the team do! I appreciate all of your help.


Are you on PS4 or PC?


I am on PS4.


Ah ok, I was just wondering because I’m on PC and after the farming update I had to go into the graphics settings in Boundless to bump up some of the settings because it had lowered many of them because of the extra levels of detail they had added. I don’t know if this is something the PS4 has.


I noticed the same. I resetted all my local settings and the game looked better afterwards.


Same here, although I still find the overall contrast too harsh and the new slider doesn’t really help for me because if I increase the brightness when I’m inside then it’s far too bright outside in the daytime and vice versa.


Parle Vous Francais? Non
Habla Espanol? No
Malurialakrib- Ma-luria-la-krib :rofl::sunglasses:


Hmmm I thought it was just me.

Of course I tried mining with the starberry pies instead of persist, with a couple of cheap hammers. And ever since then (the day of that release) it seems like I run out of stamina so fast I’m not sure how I ever endured it for so long.

I sort of laughingly have wondered if it was a change in my perception due to the endless energy experience with the pie, or if the feature was subtly rebalanced to encourage less use of persisting foods and more use of the energy foods.

I mean to say, I wrote it off as paranoia - but if other people feel they’re having the same experience, it wouldn’t hurt for the devs to address this.

With regards to the lighting issue, this is a daily disappointment for me. It adds to the issues I have with storage and being interested/bothered to try and design areas to support higher throughput workflows. And it’s just annoying.

Useless for display, useless for color sorting. I’m not going to flood this thread with off topic screenshots but there are several in this thread showing that even in a 3x3 of cabinets surrounded with lanterns, you can’t even tell that there are blocks in the cabinet.

Very disappointed that there’s been no other feedback on, or even mention of, these issues. The color banding seems to have been dismissed with the statement that making the walls double thick should stop it but the vault pictured here is built into a mountain, there’s only one spot, less than 2 blocks, where the inner wall is exposed.

There’s an open access a couple plots away from the pictured cabinets and honestly there’s no way it’s acceptable that this is somehow casting a diffracted spectrum across these cabinets several plots away, or the others around the corner. As for the cabinets near the entryway …

Those are ashen gray cabinets with cold berry etc … from Houchus showing in the first three columns, and Galan rocks in the second three columns. To be honest I didn’t even realize the second three columns still had rock in them until I actually opened the cabinets. This is full daylight with me standing in the open door.

Max light forge effect and up very close:

The stamina issue is a big hit to my productivity and operating costs. But as I look towards trying to design some higher throughput working spaces and rebuilding my base in a less constricted area, the lighting issues are a constant source of frustration and disappointment.

Even going to white light on white cabinets doesn’t address the direct lighting issue. And as for having to double wall/ceiling every room and possibly not have doors or open entries into working and storage spaces to avoid the refraction effect - it doesn’t seem reasonable.

Hey the glass panes look great though!


Ahh yes and this is a good signifier that this has happened. Nope there is no deleting for us :frowning:


I agree completely with your reply. We still have some weird light distribution going on. In some cases it doesn’t flow natural at all. I keep talking about in voice chats to a lot of the long time players here about a beacon lighting controller to adjust (like a dimmer switch) the lighting level. ALSO, a forge tool that you can adjust the light source blocks individually on a scale from x to x. That would allow you not only to raise or lower the lighting throughout all plots on that beacon but to control the mood in particular areas much better.


@james & @lucadeltodecso

There’s probably a very good reason why it’s impossible to chisel away the dead centre part of a block with the new lattice chisel stuff, right?

Because I’ve been thinking about it and even though this is utterly fantastic and opens up so many new possibilities I would also love it if we could chisel away the middle part so we can place it on top or next to other blocks where it then appears to be smack next to it.
ie. middle part gone, the part that’s furthest away from a block it’s connected to, also gone, but the one that is the closest is still there. Hmm, kinda like door placement, could we place it to a certain side instead of smack in the middle? (ehh, tired, even to me this doesn’t sound all that clear).

What I mean is, a normal square chisel turns a normal block basically into a 2x2x2, with this it becomes a 3x3x3 and it would have been mighty nice if we could turn on/off any of those little pieces by itself…

If that would be added sometime then we can make little changes to walls, columns, add very small window sills, etc., etc. and make way more builds suddenly possible!

It’s basically why I made a post a while back about treating any block as a liquid, chisel away parts of block A, place block B INSIDE the chiseled away parts of block A. With this chisel such a thing would not be needed with the ultra thin lattice mode AND if it could be placed snug against another block…

Also, I noticed on Testing that you can leave just the dead centre part and with the bevel chisel it’s almost a nice dot, how about an umbris chisel that turns it into a perfect sphere instead??

Hmm, also, if we could chisel away any smaller parts of blocks, even like 9x9x9 we can add soooo much detail to things and can make nicer curved looking objects, like a parasol/umbrella :wink:


Release it!


Please return beauty game, bring color game ((


Man do I miss how bright things were. Now it’s just dark and gloomy. Still hoping they make more adjustments but I’m not holding my breath. At this point I just want to hear a “it’s 100% final nothing is changing” so I can go demolish all my builds


I have to be honest, I was really hoping to hear something different.


I noticed my typo in the quote. Thanks :blush:

And what are you hoping to hear?

I only hope that because I’m tired of waiting. I really don’t like how the game looks anymore so I want to just demo everything sell it all off and be done with it and maybe check back in a year from now.


I am with u…I really don’t like the new lighting…i think it should be scrapped…it was so much better the way it was…not a fan…but still love the game and they are still doing a awesome job…


I really feel like it should be a super easy fix. Just make the slider do more then what it does. Instead of +4 make it up to +50. That way we can adjust it to what we prefer and it’s high enough that no one should need it at +50