Testing 228: Window Panes and Lattice Frames!


Ditto this, would like to see recipes for hoarding purposes…

Also wouldn’t mind seeing how foliage looks on the lattice structures. Got some ideas here already.


Nice; I see some remodeling work coming :grinning:
As usual great work Dev’s :+1::+1:

I know where i go spend my weekend …
For sure, not on a EXO …


@dave @lucadeltodecso really cool to see posts from you testing things out :+1::blush:


Before reading omg omg omg omg.


This is a very pleasant surprise, I wasn’t expecting the new panes for ages and the new chisel shapes are a bolt out of the blue :grin: … can’t wait to try these.


Builders rejoice :pray:


Thank you for this consideration, I really look forward to having the glass panes and the new chisel shapes now! :slight_smile:


hope this helps those who were inquiring.


Crafting costs of new glass

So…I can climb lattice irl… Can I in game?


Thank you!! :+1:

Excellent, that is easy stuff there. :grinning:


This is amazing! I’m loving how these past two updates have been coming to the game as quick as they have. I know farming was a huge and complex update but the wait for it was killer.

These smaller more frequent updates are great!


Here is pictures of glass stacked and layered on itself, and I put some pieces on a piece of gleam

(am forging chisels, I have so many ideas! I can’t wait to use everything in live :smiley: )
(also the plot viewing map pops up now when you turn on plot viewing)


Gorgeous… and yikes, I didn’t even think of putting it directly on gleam, that brings up a ton of new ideas for me! :heart_eyes:


It’s a blast! The game is going to look SOOOO good when current builds update with these windows. I am so excited.


It looks really neat on all of the different textures :slight_smile:


If you go back to Minyi’s post where she introduced the new art assets, she showed what it would look like with the glass against the gleam. These devs are always dropping hints. If you blink, you miss it! lol


Whoa! :scream_cat::exploding_head::scream:




The plot view with the build menu is probably the unsung hero in this update.


Awesome stuff, thanks as always Vex!! :sunglasses: You testers give us poor lil PS4 folks here our fix while waiting! :wink: