Testing 228: Window Panes and Lattice Frames!


I meant to say builder view, not build menu…I got so excited about these new features :heart_eyes:


It is great that PS4 is going to get the settlement viewer, but can we have an option in the menu to toggle it off? I have been having to use builder view a lot lately due to constant snow on Angel 1. Or better yet could we get an anti-snow machine that takes rock salt and keeps the beacon it is in clear of snow?


Freaking love all the work you guys do !!! :heart_eyes:


This is pretty good: once a block is turned into lattices, you can simply chisel back faces that you’ve already removed, which will make accidents with this much less of a pain to deal with. In the example below I added back the inner segments.


Some messing around with both glass and lattices:


yea the fact this is another item we have to forge now and that non forgers are SOL on


Guessing this glass is like the regular glass blocks in that you can cover lava in a farm with it and it doesn’t hurt the growing? Haven’t done much with inorganic farming but with my next build it gives me a design idea. And beautiful stuff!! :heart_eyes:


Yeah, you can do stuff like this (dark orange glass):


Made a house while waiting on chisels :smiley:


Nice!! :heart_eyes: Thank you for that! Yeah, this definitely gives me a lot of ideas.


Meh. Still waiting to see what you do with lighting. Honestly if I knew there was going to be changes to the lighting and whatnot when I started I would have waited till now to start playing.


:partying_face: :partying_face: :balloon: :champagne: :smile:

…What ingredients are needed to make the new gum?


Also, because other people will have the same curiosity about this, inevitably:

See in sequence from farthest to closest to the lava

Edit: here’s something more sophisticated that you can do in an actual building, there’s only 4 gleam lamps at the other end of that glass, only source of light for the picture.


Not a new gum so you can check the knowledge tab


Holy hell you creative devil. That looks amazing. If you have time can you chisel a piece of gleam in to a small cube placed on top of glass and put water in it?


Does this also mean that in the future they will be chiselable once they are part of the voxel landscape? @james

Could make for some interesting overlays if they will be


Having trouble understanding the specific arrangement you’re after. :thinking:

Something like that? Or a normal glass block?


sorry! glass ceiling, water on top of it, gleam in the middle of the water flowing around it. Like an aquarium tunnel where we can see the water and creatures moving around. Wanted to know if we could see the water movements shimmered by the gleam through the glass.

I had to get off the game so cant test it right now. if its still confusing dont worry about it, ill toy with it when I get a chance!


Glass pane on the left and glass block on the right. Something like these two?


It uses the venerable gum we have already. Gum base and earthyams.