Testing 228: Window Panes and Lattice Frames!


Just with the glass panes.is the gleam / pane color combination changing the hue of the water? Here it looks like you are using a tan light causing the water to look dirty.

similar to how Minyi setup that 4 sided multicolored pane demo and put gleam inside it to highlight its ability. except in the case we’re trying to recreate here, we’re talking about chiseling the gleam down and letting water flow around it.


The water on this planet isn’t blue-ish anyway, it’s sort of a light yellow colour. But the glass panes do affect the colour of what’s behind them.

Edit: White glass panes and white gleam, with panes vs glass:


yes you nailed it thank you!


This is perfect. Procrastination on my part pays off once again!


Since the early days of alpha, i tried replicating colored windows:

Now i can. Thanks devs :smiley:


Sending items top still doesn’t update crafting queue when crafting same type of item with different color.


Love the 1/12, really good looking with gleamlantern.
And the panes hold water, can build aquarium now. :slight_smile:


Great update devs! And we didn’t think it could be done! The glass looks AMAZING and the new chisels are mind blowing with the possibilities!

This is an awesome idea!! This deserves its own suggestion thread!


Fish next? :D’


Good stuff. I cant wait to get my hands on windows and the new chisels.
now all you need to do is make these new lattice blocks climbable.


I can’t take credit for this idea, @blinvir made the suggestion a while back before they implemented builder view removing the snow.


Hey, anyone knows a way to speed up a centraforge batch?
I have like 40 minutes to wait before I can test how this works.


we almost have ladders now (you gotta hop, but it works :slight_smile: )


That is so cool!


No such magic exists I do not think.


Nice! Now I can make a better jail needed for when @ghandymarshall needs a timeout, he broke out of my last one made out of poles and beams… :joy:


@james Super happy about this update, BUT :

I’m concerned about the way these glass panels might look blurry when they don’t have something very close behind them.
From what I see, the glass panels textures appear somewhat blurry when you have a far-away horizon behind them.
On my screenshot, you can see the contrast between how crisp the texture is when behind it you see the white stone slab, and when behind it you see the far-away environment.


Video of new chisel, looks really cool :slight_smile:


some serious industrial stuff. can’t wait for this


My last post for this round of testing glass and new chisel

Flower Fence

Vine Fence (inprogress lol)