Testing 228: Window Panes and Lattice Frames!


icicles and dripping snot :smiley:


Wow, this is gonna be so nice :boundless:
Special thanks to @jesshyland for the fabulous artwork :+1: :+1: :clap:


Only when you’re drunk


Your picture gives me some steampunk vibes :D’

(I like it)


It is just the way of picking the right colors and lighting :grinning:
Imagine what we can build soon in the live game …


Ooooh my god, this gets my creativity going like it hasn’t in years!


So much more detail will be possible now.
I missed them “micro-voxels” from a former MMO Voxel buildinggame
And now we get them back in :boundless: - super :heart_eyes: :+1::+1:


i keep plot view on can you turn off the map


Alright, this needs to be mentioned right now…

@james @lucadeltodecso @dave @jesshyland @SamF and all the others

WELL DONE! Awesome work! Can’t wait for this to come to Live!


Ditto ditto ditto!! :smiley:

Thank you all so much, you all ROCK!! :sunglasses:

Err… and not to be too greedy, but maybe another T7 in the mix for us PS4 folks missing out on the testing? :pleading_face: Hehehe…


This is crazy.
I’m not prepared. :exploding_head:


You’re the worst! but while we are at it, maybe we can get 1 of each, ya know, so folks can prioritize :thinking:


We can kind of make words too:

Should be better for making boundless glyphs than words though… :stuck_out_tongue: :oort_y: :oort_a: :oort_y:


That slime is simply amazing.


Can you lattice led blocks? :drooling_face: I’m hoping all blocks, animated ones included support this!


As long as they aren’t made out of deep blue gleam.




So that’s a yes? :smiley: I’ve never had any of those blocks so I haven’t tried to chisel them.


Yup you can chisel LED


don’t tell me that this tiny pink octahedron isn’t the most precious thing you’ve ever seen!