Testing 230: World Shop Scanners!


Yeah, at least you’re allowed to report these if you find them now, as Mr. Luca said


See that’s the whole problem here, the economy isn’t supposed to have gears…

Rack and pinion and eco-pistons ftw!!!


OMG! I have been waiting for this fix for AGES!!! Thank you!!! :yellow_heart:


What do you think im replaying on… btw tried several external thingy’s half of them don’t work and the other half I can’t make heads or tails out off tried several times to figure out but there isn’t a real reliable way to find out what people are asking for or selling and price ranges are lacking.

Yes programs like trade net can eventually be figured out but they have 1 big flaw. They don’t work on PS4. So if a pc player with that program active doesn’t visit a PS4 shop that shop doesn’t get added in those lists.

Btw it had nothing to do with being dumb and/or poor…

Must be nice every thing on one screen.


Lots of good stuff here.


I play on PS4 myself tho!

And my apologies if I misinterpreted your post, seemed to me you were a PC player who has some odd ideas about console players.


Np just a misunderstanding. From you’re post it seemed you where pc to^^


Thanks for pointing me to lucas reply :slight_smile:

Without testing feature right now I hope there is real warning about possible punishment on game client for hiding plinth with low price. Because players shouldn’t rely some rule that is stated somewhere in forums, to some it might feel proper way to get visitors by using system as intended.


at this update you can place shops with that price of 99999…
without letting it listed at all for your beacon or single shopstands

i love this update and cant wait to see it in action :slight_smile:
as others told, handtrade is not really affected 'cause
of the try to avoid the tax from both side.
Every Shopkeeper should place a msgbox at their shop
and a sign with the add#numbers.
I just named my Beacon Dakushiguna#3648 :smiley:


Thats a good Idea , i ll do the Same later


you get some stella discounts if you put points in karma
handtrade will never stop


From my point of view is this update so damn useful for me.

@Buugi don‘t worry, the handtrade will be still a point, not just because of the tax, also because you have the same possibilities as before.

I am mostly self-sufficient … gathering my materials, crafting nd forging, so i have always no clue, where to buy stuff i maybe could buy instead of self gathering.

I like exploring, not for shops but for the view.
So i never remember a nice shop i come across because my eyes are on other things, like building ability and cool ideas.

The Shop Trading Network, that was sadly down since a while, helped me to get the things i sometimes want to buy, even i am usually get it by myself.
To integrate it into the game is a very good move in my opinion.
That is the right step for all of us.
Even for the small shops that usually wasn‘t to find.

The Listing Feature confuse me still a bit, but i am curious how it works and how good it will be and of course where are the struggles in it.


Will Forged goods be discoverable as forged? I don’t sell a whole lot else…

I forsee the market becoming MUCH more competitive. If you can price shop the moment you walk through a portal, people will have a reasonable indicator to set their prices.

Will there be price wars? such as the top 20 shop owners keep lowering their prices to stay on the listing board? How often will prices be updated? Will all other shops not on the board become ignored?


It will be an interesting look at shop density across the oortiverse. There’s only 16 slots for any given planet/item.


I predict we will see some shop movements to planets that might be a bit less populated. Perhaps this is a reason to move to a higher tier world, though you do cut off some customer base if they don’t have the proper protections. Now that I’m thinking about this i think this is another cool thing we might see organically happen as the change is rolled out so that folks aren’t caught in potential price wars.

Lots of ways for things to play out, there’s definitely going to be a readjustment period on item prices. Watch folks start screaming across planets to scoop up ridiculous deals only to relist them on their ‘main’ planet. Who knows :slight_smile:


Forged stuff is kind of excluded from this, if I understood it correctly they’ll just shop up under “Diamond Hammer” for example with no indication that it’s forged. For other things this will be a godsend though so I’m happy, at least the backend supports filtering with forged stuff, so maybe in the future when they get it’s performance up they’ll add that to the GUI.


From the Jivita video it sounded like you could filter by boons, unless I misunderstood


I’m pumped about this! I love that it’s limited to a planet. It will also allow me to find the things I need and have shopping endurance left over to actually explore stuff nearby instead of not looking at anything but shop stands until I finally find that one thing I need and running straight home



Find the top 16…so this could be bad if everyone keeps dropping prices to get on the list…but we will find out…looks interesting though