Testing 230: World Shop Scanners!


So did the location signal become scrapped then?


That’s what our beacons should look like later down the line :smiley:


Ooof where has this been all of my Boundless life.


Yeah that would be cool if we could evolve our beacons aesthetically. But from what that concept post eludes to these would be a way for us to drop a point of interest on the compass.


I mean that’s from 2016 so really hard to say if they still have that planned. Anything from that far back with no words from a dev about it recently I’d say is on the back burner and may or may not ever happen.


What external sources are you talking about? I play on PS4 but I am willing to research if it helps me with the crazy prices on here.


The website is no longer actively maintained, and is now almost entirely useless, except to check what prices were 2-4 weeks ago, and find locations of shop stands that may or may not exist anymore, without the benefit of directions via portals/landmarks etc.
The navigation part is identical to what we are getting in this upcoming update though, except for the automatic tracking (rather than manually adding in the coords)


I don’t thinking was a comment specifically on external sources for prices.

It was a reply to a comment that seemed to imply that ps4 users were unable/unwilling to use any external resource.

Which is incorrect, if that was indeed the implication!

I’m on ps4 and regularly use external (not native to ps4) resources while playing Boundless, not least this specific forum!

Here are a few resources I regularly use (all credit to the creators):




And so on…


General question to testers:

Is there no way to convert a compass marker to a token?

I think not, but worth checking out!


U can just go there and make a token…



The idea is to go there by warping, not walking. Then we would have the “death of exploring” that some people seem so frightened of.
I always just set it as a way-point, and then poke my head through every portal I can find until I get close enough. There is no way I am walking 1000+ metres to a shop. Did that a few times, and was almost always disappointed.


Don’t agree that it will eliminate exploring and seeing builds.

I go exploring to see buildings when I go out exploring to gather. Gathering is looking for what mats I need for a variety of crafting.

Exploring to find shop. No Way, sick and tired of trying to find shops that sell at a fair price. Read online here “go to my shop I sell this item at this price”. Go there and sold out and to be honest, don’t even know if they really had something to sell or just a couple and it was a trick to get me there for footfall.

So, have a few shops I go to and don’t go looking elsewhere.

I am hoping this will stop the shops that have items such as hopper cores for 1899coins for sale and I can’t remember the shop in the same mall that sells them for 499coins. How many players have been ripped off, or is it a footfall trap as they have them sitting back and you have to enter the shop to look at them and see what the price is?

I think this is a great idea, really looking forward to it, and seeing how it works when the bugs get fixed on it.


As for trading, it won’t stop that. Many like it for the quickness of it.

I need some (example) hopper cores (around 150), horns (75) and spitters eyes (100). Anyone one have some they would be willing to trade?

What I have to trade is machined copper, machined iron, persisting pies and fill in what else you might have.

I’ve posted that and the only problem I have had is due to my health issues of being able to meet up with the people. Even if it took me a week to finally get together I prefer trading, just lately my health has interfered with my playing and having a shop keep me from being able to do what I enjoyed. This game fits a wide variety of people; some love having shops, some hate them. Some love going from shop to shop to look for a bargain and others (me) absolutely hate the shopping, I’d rather trade then run from shop to shop.

This setup lets me have several of what I want. I can run to the location, or even find portals to will make it shorter to get there, buy what I want at a fair price and then return home the long way as I explore and do some gathering on the side.

If my health lets me find the time to play.


Thank you. This is the kind of help that I wanted. +1 to you sir. Still I wonder what the main resource veterans use for pricing externally if any.


Just looked into this but the prices I see when I look up an item are NOT what regular prices are. . . or am I just missing something in the layout? I realize this probably won’t be viable in the future just wanted to know what I was missing.

Edit: Unless the “Price” is in 0.01 c. . . . I am thinking that seems to make sense


Prices are “wrong” on site because it hasn’t been updated since game got update that allowed pricing in decimals. So for example if buy price is 250 coins on site, it is set in game to 2.5 coins. I think it also affects request amounts shown wrong.


Would there be a way for the shop scanner to tell us if the item has specifically requested a colour and what colour it is?

I can see a situation where the 16 top results for basic blocks will all be for a specific colour of block, but if the information is not shown what colour that is, you could go check out all 16 and still not be able to sell, as you don’t have the colour required, and there is no information on any other stand presented.

Ideally, we would want to be able to filter as well, but at the very least the colour request should be shown!


Plus, maybe to get around the immediate need for user defined sorting, a ‘show next 16 results’ button could be employed?


I think that would be helpful. How will it show if there are seven shops that sell say persisting pies at 349 and four shops at 335, four at 333, and one at 331? What about shows that may have it a bit higher but be closer, one that is 369 for example?

I think a second page would be good, it would help those who have a fair price. I would rather if I don’t have the time pay 10 or even 20 coins more for something I desperately need.

If shop A has shimmering orbs that I desperately need at 45 coins and is at least half a hour run on a level 5 planet and shop B on the same planet but five minute run, I’d go there and pay the 65 coins for the 10 I desperately need to finish a mass craft of something. Was actually short two hopper cores to finish a mass craft of desperately needed mat and grudging paid out 600 coins for them, Most of the time find them 550 coins to 450.


I actually saw someone advertising persisting pies at 100c the other night. crazy. I mean, no wonder people are minting exotic earthyams.