Testing 230: World Shop Scanners!


I bought some for 40c ea

If new players see those 16 cheapest stands with the lowest priced items & think that’s the average price, talk about a race to the bottom on pricing :woman_shrugging: How do people that craft things feel about this? Will you bother to craft pies for 50c? Will you bother to forge for 200c?

I think being able to see where items/stands are is a good thing. Focusing on the cheapest items for sale though…:woman_shrugging:


Holy Carp!

When they announced farming I went and bought up a bunch to ride out the transition. Then they made seed yield over 100% possible lol.

Look at me now sitting on a smart stack of 300c pies … sigh


Yup - teaching & persisting. I’ve seen good forged items for crazy low prices too.

When I see these, I always wonder “is this a dev shop?” or “did this person rage-quit crafting & is giving away stuff?”

But I see it a lot so I dunno.


I don’t get what this craziness in price concerns is about. If that’s what people feel they are worth selling and buying then that is what they are worth.

It’s exactly how an economy works. If it’s too cheap for some folks to want to make/sell for then they’ll move to different items to sell.

There are a lot of people that play this game and they aren’t trying to min/max their coin out of it. If it’s so low then someone can go buy them all up and resell for a higher profit. If they don’t sell at a higher point then they aren’t worth it.


The point was to be able to locate shops/stands/items.

To add only the top 16 cheapest stands to the list for everyone to see - and to hide the rest (including quantity data), could be an issue.

Would you really be a happier buyer if you ended up spending 3 hours running to the 16 cheapest different shops, to buy 3 bricks from each stand - or one stand with 1000 bricks in the color you want at a fair/avg price?



It’s 100% the same concern as in a real life economy when there’s an underclass willing to work for scraps and value their own time/labor at essentially zero, it devalues my time and effort as well.

Also then I have to listen to (some of) those same people complain about how it’s so hard to get coins and how the economy is so broken.

I mean, if you stab yourself in the foot, you can’t expect me to pity you walking with a limp.

In the end it’s just a game but, now we have unlimited, easy inflation and still people are pushing prices through the floor because they’re desperate for same-session coins. Or just don’t care lol. IDK


No, I’ve said a few times in both threads I think that we need an option to sort by price/volume/distance to cater to each demographic that seem to prefer those variance search parameters.

What I don’t understand is the conversation about prices dropping. That is 100% going to happen when this kicks in. I know just from all the out of the way shops I’ve discovered in the last week that only have 1-2 portals in not major hub areas.


There are people that play this game to enjoy themselves though and not take ‘making money seriously’ … buy them out, they’re happy, you relist it for higher because you think it’ll sell higher, and then your happy. Seems working to me?


I’ve seen your posts and I agree with the sort options 100%.

Prices will go up, they’ll go down.

By including the top 16 cheapest stands on the locations list, they are essentially adding a leaderboard. People will want to be on that leaderboard. Some will do it to troll, some will do it for footfall, etc.

Edit to add: maybe including 16 on the list will be plenty to exceed the few that will only have one super-low priced item :woman_shrugging:


Yeah but, those aren’t the people trying to get something going that have legit complaints when they can’t make a usable amount of coin so have to do everything themselves to get to the one or two activities they enjoy.

Also arbitrage in this sort of market is not my jam. Personally. I never ran a shop until I had excess coin and time anyways and my shop has the word “Storage” in its name because that’s largely what it started as.

Any economy is always 100% relative so in a certain sense I’ll always be able to find my place in it, don’t get me wrong. Sometimes it’s just hard to watch.


It comes does can the players afford to pay the high price, and the work that goes into collecting them. Before the farming, they required a lot more work, they were only found I think in mud, and on level 4 (I think) and level 5 and 6.

To go and gather you (general you) needed a AOE shovel, persisting pies and some type of brew. For those who were making the pies, 400c give or take a bit was a fair price. If you had to go a farm because you couldn’t go out and gather, not the needed skills, you buy the shovel and brews there because you couldn’t make your own, that was another 10k approx. for these items. Many did it because they could sell the yams and make back the cost and have enough to buy the shovels, brews and some pies. Higher skill levels, high in the attributes let you go faster and get more of the yams.

Now, with players able to get the seeds at shops and grow their own, they can sell the yams at a cheaper price and still make coins, no need to buy the expensive shovels and brews. Shop owners don’t have to pay as much for the yams or can even grow their own. Players know that and refuse to buy them at the high prices, so prices had to drop. It will level out, I think that 50-75 coins is a fair price because I know what goes into them the royal pain in the rear of making the fortified butter. THAT NEEDS the TIME ON HOW LONG it TAKES to MAKE LOWERED ( @james please, please listen to me on this, please) . Yes, my second peeve at the grind of making butter. 1 hour and 40 minutes to make one mass craft of purified milk, another 1 hour and 40 minutes to make fortified milk then I forgot how long it takes to make (will be doing so as soon as a batch is finished in being turned into fortified butter) then you can make the pies in the mixer then put them into the furnace.

It is a long process, so I think the price should represent that, but no more than 100 coins, 75 to me would be fair.

I know, too long, but when I was complaining, I didn’t totally understand how long it took to make the fortified butter, and that is the hardest part to me. You had to kill at least the stout goats to get the milk glands. Before farming and you can now turn the oats into milk.


When I say prices will go down, I’m not meaning they’ll stay there. Just that it’s going to go down because of flux and the sudden awareness of all the low prices that are already out there but people are used to paying 3x the price and don’t know it.

That’s a good point. I’ve never looked at it like that and would have never in my life thought of it looking like that but you are 100% right. Outside of giving a page ability, which doesn’t seem likely due to system resources, I’m not sure what the answer to that is.

I agree which is why it is hard to balance around. Having the system in place is more important so that people can find things period. Arbitrage is how you balance out someone enjoying themselves and someone looking to make money. In cases like you suggest I fully expect there to be flippers who keep the price stabilized to a price you would deem happy selling at.


I wonder what the break down is for the cost of all the mats for a pie. Wouldnt be surprised if it cost more to buy the mats than what the person was selling the pies for.


I honestly don’t have any idea. I think they are the highest tier food we have next to max brews, right?
I know they take specific skills & time. Maybe coils/fuel? I dunno


I’m not arguing against this system in any way. I think it’s important with the geographical size of the boundless universe.

Having some side conversation about the carry on effects and human behavior in general is partly just a pastime for fun, but it also sometimes raises valid concerns about the impact on the overall balance of the game. Including potential abuse of the system.

IDK I think the only thing you have to leave your beacon for now is some orbs and blocks for the butter making.

Do the flour and other bags still require fibrous leaves?


Oh not a clue. I don’t think I’ve ever made pies before. Here I thought you still needed milk glands :sweat_smile:


Farmable now.


Oats, rice and flour don’t, the other do (not made from farming produce).

Could do, but I bet those selling pies gather almost all of the mats themselves, if not all of them.

Then the price you put on the pies is as much as you think you can sell them for!


So just rock salt/baking powder then. Hmm I guess you still have to put the syrup into bags after you grow it actually.


I’m pretty sure we can’t grow syrup?

Maybe I missed that though!

Edit: Ah, my mistake! Berries to syrup to bags of sugar!