Testing 230: World Shop Scanners!


Well said!

There will always be the .1c players there, but IF the economy is healthy, it isn’t that bad in the long run. At some point during the day/week there will be sways in the supply/demand balance and all 16+ stands will be bought/sold out. That’s when all the people who didn’t care about the .1 war get their orders filled.

If you want fast sales with the highest probability of the order being filled in a reasonable amount of time, you will increase the frequency you update your prices to be somewhat relevant.

At least that’s how it goes in most MMO markets I’ve played, the wild card here is the player numbers, we’ll have to wait and see how it behaves here.


Density will mean a lot, too. Even with the limit at 16 i suspect that a lot of item/planet combos will not always have a full list.

I’m not sure how much pressure that will create for people to spread out from the current traffic centers, but it might help. It depends on how many players are willing to travel to a large number of worlds looking for a deal.


@Nightstar interesting point. Are you better off in a mall that gets foot traffic but might have 20 shops selling the same thing or on your own on a planet without a mall? I think it will be interesting to see.

As one of the players that used the term ripped off, I can be more specific. When a new player buys a hammer for 700 coin and then finds it a short time later at several stores for half that, why should they not feel ripped off? They have no way of knowing what a fair or even an average price is. The game has been around almost a year, I would have expected prices for commodity items to have reached a small range around a median. At least this gives new players a way to know if the price being asked is fair.


Last time I went exploring there were still places trying to get 80c for iron and 300+ for gems and I got to those places from a portal so the player is still semi active. I don’t think it’ll ever change. Some people build shops for the ff and but high prices on the goods as to not sell them or hope someone buys without realizing it’s overpriced


Ugh i can’t sleep. Anyways …

Emotions are always a touchy subject. Since you’re asking, I’ll just point out that “ripped off” assumes a particular motivation on the part of the seller, and that’s the only objection I would make to the term.

I don’t think the person who chose to shop at Macy’s (mid/high market department store) feels ripped off even though they could have possibly gotten the same package of Hanes brand undergarments at Wal-mart for 60% of the price.

But this is also a case where someone who is unfamiliar with the local markets may not be aware that multiple retailers will carry this common brand at various prices. Say, someone who just moved here from another country or … something … a “new player” equivalent in the market.

The truth is, in both cases, someone may have chosen a particular retailer for reasons other than price, or they may have failed to do sufficient research and so “made a bad purchase”. Neither one got “ripped off” as both merchants had the products there available at clearly marked prices.

This is reaching for a parallel, heh, but it should be a clear example.

I’m offering a very low buy price for eyes in a basket in my shop. I stated this bluntly in the post I made advertising the baskets, and most of the other baskets are solidly in market range. The fact is that I don’t need eyes, and I priced them relative to the margins I’d be making on the other animal loots I’m buying when I eventually process 99% of them into essence or glue.

An inexperienced player may sell there and later decide to reel “ripped off” when they see prices at another shop. That’s not really my fault, and while I’m sorry for some inevitable bad feelings, the fact is that if you want top dollar for eyes you need to go find a forge shop.

The basket is there because a person who just sold me a bunch of their bones, hide, tallow, glands, trophies, blood, etc… at mid to high market prices might just say “you know what I don’t want to go hunt more baskets” and sell me some cheap eyes. This person is likely to appreciate dumping all of their stuff in one place and walk away feeling like they did just fine.

In the end, those priorities, and those feelings, belong to the customer.

Now, if I had a sign on my eye basket saying “BEST EYE PRICES IN 50 WORLDS” - That’s an active attempt to deceive and I would say 100% justifies feeling ripped off.

OFC no one ever has to 100% objectively justify their feelings but if you’re using accusatory terms there will sometimes be defensive replies.


It also works the other way. I’ve bought hopper eyes at ungodly prices because I found them in quantity and didn’t want to look for more. I knew I was overpaying, but because I didn’t research, I didn’t know by how much.

Information provides perspective. If someone is several standard deviations outside the norm, it just means less folks will likely shop there.

When goods are identical, you are left to compete on service and price.


That’s probably a while a go now though?! :wink::grin:


It is nice but becomes a big pain if you start flipping around among various tools and stuff… It keeps popping up when you might not want it. I am asking for a settings to disable or something to make it more on/off outside of showing automatically.


Uhh 3-4 weeks ago


Yes, when he still played! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Indeed! 10


Not the new version on testing. The new version works great :+1:


Is testing getting an update?

Or is it ready to go live?

Just keen to try it out!


That’s what I thought about the tools in your farms. I wouldn’t want to deal with the forge for these low prices… :slight_smile:


Switching to a plotter/unplotter/beacon should not automatically enable builder mode. I hate that. (To not confuse new player, make it an option to disable the automatically enabling.)


I’ve been worried that my prices are low, but my margins are huge tbh. I would feel like I’m ripping people off if I increase them :confused:

The demand has been higher than I’ve been able to meet though, I have been working on a way to pump out pretty ridiculous volume with a new factory.


I’ve got sooo many seeds of various kinds in storage it’s silly. I need to change my fields to go for 100% seed instead of higher but meh, other things to do. Besides, I haven’t needed to harvest a single thing in weeks!!!

The food business isn’t really a money maker… It wasn’t before farming already tho so there’s not much of a difference. Now instead of slinging mud for some yams I just do a harvest when I’m out of them…


Would be nice to release on the anniversary of the game tho? ie. tomorrow…


Maybe, but it would be a bit of a weak anniversary celebration release!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a welcome addition, but if you are gonna celebrate your 1 year in proper release, I’d have like to see something a little more…hmmmm…jazzy(?)!


They could have something else they add, an event perhaps? Which they purposely didn’t tell us yet!