Testing 236: Holiday Stability!

This update is accessible via the “Testing” release of Boundless on Steam.

Please restart Steam to make sure you get the latest version of Boundless. If the update happens whilst Steam is open it’s unlikely you’ll get the latest version.

Please report all issues discovered to new posts in the #support category.

The following release notes are not final and should not be considered complete or exhaustive.


This release focuses on getting good stability over the Christmas and New Year period. We don’t want to release anything that could potentially contains issues as it’s not possible to make any new releases on PS4 during this period.

We’ve fixed a range of issues around the presentation of beacon fuel and Gleam Club duration. Hopefully we’ve found all the little edge cases.

Not many new features in this update, but don’t worry - there are a couple of fun things still coming before the end of the year.

Testing 236:

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the colouration of projectile meshes which could be incorrect if the slingbow/bag-of-bombs wore out during firing, and also making them lodded meshes where appropriate.
  • Fixed the colouration of some projectiles which were not using the correct palette leading to gem slingbows not having the correctly coloured projectiles.
  • Reduced scale of panes in Shop Stands so that their size matches the other items.
  • Fix leaking of details between adjacent particle-assets causing lines to appear on the edges of particles at times, such as in the new effect used for the Gleambow sanctum.
  • Fixing presentation of Gleam Club auto-fuelling to look at the beacon “owner”'s Gleam Club account, and not the current users account.
  • Fixing presentation of Gleam Club auto-fuelling in cases where a beacon is expired to stop it claiming that the auto-fuelling is enabled.
  • Fixing the coloration of the beacon lifetime in the Fuel tab to be consistent with the beacon-details section where a beacon that is low on fuel will show the duration in red.
  • Changing the “Auto-Fuel: enabled” line in the beacon menus to just show the actual duration of the Gleam Club membership that the beacon owner has to be more explicit. The Gleam Club duration will be coloured red the same way as the beacon duration when running low here.
  • Making presentation of beacon-lifetime consistent so that in all cases it will show “(Gleam Club)” after the duration if being fuelled by Gleam Club automatically, eg looking at a beacon console in the HUD or from your beacons list, or from the beacon list of a guild.
  • Making presentation of beacon-lifetime, and ability to fuel a beacon consistent so that whenever its possible to fuel a beacon, you will also see the duration of the beacon in the HUD and GUI of the beacon; was previously only shown to a non-owner user if worker permissions were granted, but will now be shown if any kind of (non-surveyor) permission is granted and also to any member of the guild a beacon is aligned to.
  • Fixing a bug where when Gleam Club automatically refuelled a beacon. It was often adding extra time to the beacon beyond the expiry of the Gleam Club account.
  • Fixing a bug where Gleam Club expiry date was being parsed as a 32bit signed integer; this wouldn’t have been a problem until a few years down the line however, so no corruptions were caused by this. Don’t try replicating this or you’ll end up with negative Gleam Club duration.
  • Fixing the presentation of beacon items in a Guild list to be consistent with the Places menu in showing whether it is the current destination or your home beacon.
  • Fixing a minor issue where tracking a beacon that is also in your places list from the guild screen or vice-versa required you to click “Untrack destination” twice if you tracked the beacon from the guild list, then untracked from the places menu instead.
  • Fixing the presentation of smoking beacons to correctly account for the Gleam Club of the beacon owner.
  • Fixing removing a beacon from the beacon options menu not removing it from your places list automatically; this was an oversight when the option was added as removing a beacon manually via unplotting and removing the master beacon console as well as breaking the campfire has always removed it from the list automatically too.
  • Fixing issues with the presentation of expires vs removed beacons in the places menu; the system that determines this is not exact as we don’t keep track of all beacons that have ever expired or been removed by player-action, but as long as you log into the game before the beacon was supposed to expire naturally, it will correctly mark the beacon as removed from the world instead of expired appropriately. (This only really applies if tracking a beacon that you do not own, but have permissions on as removing your own beacons will automatically remove them from the list in all cases other than your Home beacon anyways).
  • Changing the way clients receive the expireTime of beacons so that network packets cannot be analysed/injected and memory cannot be read (aka “hacking”) to determine the expiration date of any beacon that you do not have permissions for.
  • Fixing some issues around the beacon list not updating correctly (it would update eventually, but sometimes flip back to old values for a while in the GUI presentation) when someone else fuels a beacon or changes permissions on a beacon in your list.
  • Fix for a crash on PS4 with partially repaired machines (in particular, those where components have produced a negative durability from being fully worn out particularly easy with the Chrysomiter / Dyemaker/ Buff Helixes where the coils wear out faster than the machine).
  • Improve the combined-durability display to deal better with negative values ensuring that durability wont ever show 0 unless the machine itself is worn out (and continue to never show 100% unless all components are fully repaired), and that it’ll never show weird behaviour like the bar decreasing as you repair before it increases again etc.
  • Fix a server crash if drag-dropping multiples of 256 items into/out of shop stands. (Shift-clicking did not have any issues).
  • Fix dropping items (whether drag-drop or with X) out of closed-storages not working correctly.
  • Fix the new plot-visualisation shaders swapping the red/blue colours of beacon plots.
  • Fix not being able to set prices in request basket for natural blocks. Was inadvertently broken by a change to enforce being able to set prices only for items that would be able to appear in the knowledge (To discard items that have been added by designers but are not available in-game).
  • Fix recently introduced gaps in the voxel geometry where certain slope shapes butt against one another due to changes for translucent glass blocks, forcing these cases to disable terrain distortion to ensure closed geometry.
  • Fixed dropped item locator on pane items.

Testing 236.1:

  • Present the location and portal tokens in the knowledge screen, and allow setting prices for them in a request basket.

Testing 236.2:

  • Only allow closed-storage blocks to be broken by users when the contents are empty. An action-log message will be shown when breaking a non-empty closed-storage, and a general tip has been added to the game about this shown when hitting a closed-storage block. This helps accidentally breaking a storage full of items, as well as guarding against performance implications on the server of having hundreds of large stacks of block-drops all in the same location easily achieved by AOE breaking full ornate closed storages with hundreds of stacks of items.

Oh man I hope this gets rushed to live!


This is the really important one! :smiley:

Ha ha, @Havok40k beat me to it! :rofl:


I think a lot of games fail because they forget to address looming issues. Thank you for fixing these things!


Super hyped for this update! :smiling_imp:

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:+1: Thanks … :slight_smile:

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Lazy ppl…

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Ummmm… Info on a hunters update? I love the fixes and appreciate them. Just patently (kinda) waiting for hunting update. 1 year plus and no hunting update


ok I’m a bit worried about this. will it affect beacons that have already been deleted by removing it from our list?
I have been using this to my advantage as I have only one beacon now, owned by an alt. the area is pretty big and all my stuff is in the center, which is also where I park all my alts.
they all also have to have a home.
what I have done is unplotted a column in the center with the owner alt and set up a temporary beacon and set it as home on each of my alts including my main. (and then re-plotted with the regular beacon owner)

will this change remove the (removed from world) home beacons from the list and homes of those alts?
essentially one is the other because if it gets removed from my list, I cannot warp home anymore.

(continues reading)
oh. so I’m good then? as long as it is set to home it will not disappear from my list?

This shouldn’t be a thing IMO… I think the durability for everything should be pooled into one value (whether the max is with one coil or 24, the values will be different, but still should be one pool.)

Maybe patience is in order? Maybe this update is part of a grand plan?

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as a developer myself I gotta applaud this move :smiley:

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< Gob goes back to the Garland concept arts from @Minyi with biiiig puppy eyes >
< Gob injects himself with 20 ccs of concentred concept art in his veins >

Ooooh yeah. That’s the stuff I needed.


Maybe hopefully it is :slight_smile:

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I want a hunt update too, but I rather have stability updates before a big hunting update. Performance is not always good at hunts


Very true.

@james There’s one thing bugging me a while now.
The pigment processor is so weak that I cannot have it run overnight. If I craft a stack of 900 color sprays the machine/coils is almost broken after, since I want to craft overnight rather than checking in all 2 hours it would be great if it’s durability could be increased ^^


Minor update to Testing.


Most companies in the US put change freezes into effect during the last quarter of the year.
No patches, no installs, no reboots in some cases until January. A lot of retailers and providers go into change freeze around black friday/thanksgiving week.

Edit: Its due to the limited number of staff on hand around the holidays to assist with something “should something go wrong” you wouldnt want psn/steam to just be down for 3 days because bob was in the Bahamas…