Testing 245: Sovereign Worlds!

People were upset about paint when it came out too.

My recollection might be off (it’s been a little while, and I don’t pay quite the same attention to detail as I used to) so correct me I’m way out of line, but weren’t people mostly upset about the paint scenario because they thought it might actually be the answer to being able to use and farm colours in such a way that you could actually build what you wanted, in the colour that you wanted… but it turned out to be limited enough (such a massive grind to get enough to actually build something big if you wanted a non-standard colour) that it didn’t come close to living up to the hype?

Sounds eerily familiar, now that you mention it.


People were upset on one side because it reduced scarcity. People were upset on the other side because it didn’t reduce scarcity enough. Lol

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This would be not just acceptable but desirable to me. I think events and systems designed around forced scarcity are silly. I don’t like Gleambow, I don’t like the exoworlds supplying colours so there’s a minimum coin, time and character investment to get some colours and I don’t like the extra grind goo farming brought.

I said it a long time ago and don’t wish to repeat myself too much but each of those systems feels like cheap MMO grind tricks I’ve seen in other games over the years. Little new content so paper over it by drawing out the player experience. This is fine in moderation and is even desirable for some. I don’t want to see things people enjoy disappear from the game. But… there’s something that feels fundamentally self-destructive about making a game oriented around player creativity then hobbling interested players in so many ways.

It’s like if someone gave me a bit of paper and said “Go wild, draw anything you want!” but then only gave me a quarter of the pack of felt tips. I can have the rest in two months when I’ve earned. Suddenly I don’t feel like drawing any more.


I would goo farming like it is now but buff sprays to be used more than once, increase mixing output or able get spray nozzles that could work as AOE (augment etc).

Then also make some more expensive recipe that would allow paint gleams etc. like @AeneaGames did on creative: Spray painting gleam!

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Updated OP with details of 245.3. The main change is to allow updating your world colours at a regular interval.


Pretty sure it already took tints?

Will they be sprayable?

Iirc @rossstephens posted a ss of his that he sprayed.

So this effectively means people can now rent a planet, with peace of mind in case a color they wanted comes up later?

Person A wants black gleam on their planet but instead got azure gleam in their initial roll.

Person B get black gleam therefore unlocking it for anyone thereafter.

Person A can now (as long as it’s only once in their payment cycle) re select their entire world’s colors? Choosing the black gleam they’ve been waiting for?


Right now there is no limit in testing? Or is it that increasing 10 minute cooldown after attempting to change?



Love the change to allow colour selection afterwards!


Huge, huge :+1:, excellent solution, thanks to you all for this!! :slight_smile:


Now the only thing missing is the ability to set a rental as your home world and I feel we’re good to go for the first iteration of Sovereign Worlds!


Can I just say, as far as communication goes, this is perfect. Here’s what we’re doing, not doing, and why.


Hopefully there is coming some creative solution for home setting so that nobody can get trapped to Sanctum :smiley:


And here is the real issue. Players that want something that no one else can have not because it is good for the game, but because it makes them, feel what? Important? Special?

Who cares if player A has spent 3000 hours in game and player B has only spent 100. If player B finds something rare enough then they can hold it high and be what? Proud that they were playing when this item occurred? So it has nothing to do with progression or fairness. It is all about the player and the needs of an individual player over the needs of the community.



Who said it’s not good for the game? Keep in mind this forum is a vocal minority on many issues. We don’t have representative data from many players on their feelings of color scarcity. So to say how I feel is not good for the game just isn’t fact. We don’t know what’s true or not true or whats ACTUALLY good for the game or not. This whole forum is just a bunch of us giving our own personal opinions on the situations. What I think is good for the game is going to be different from what you think is good for the game.

And yes. Regardless of that, who doesn’t want to feel special or important? I’m selfish and I’m human. If player B in your scenario got lucky and got something rare that player A didn’t have the time for then that’s the way the ball rolls. It’s disappointing as can be but that is what makes the item special in my own (biased) opinion.

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Yup! I’m all for locking the initial warp location, the one you get when you walk out of sanctum for the very first time! And since it’s not allowed to start on a rental planet this should work!


I would like have more home planet if home beacon is set Sovereign.

If the game is about building communities then making key areas of the game cater to players being selfish seems to be contradictory. Are we supposed to build communities or be exclusively out for ourselves? And no you cannot have it both ways.

If your goal is to further decrease players in the public universe part of the game then this seems to be the right tact to take. And explain to me, how exactly is fewer players in the public universe good for the game? Fewer customers for all the goods being made. Fewer hunters looking for Oort. Less footfall for all the community infrastructure so less coin into the game. I am struggling to find the good part.