Testing 249: [Local Universe] Admin-level permissions do not allow use of World Controls

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As the title says and the screenshot shows; it may be because the world is technically not a sovereign as far as the universe is concerned but in my mind it would make sense if local universe admins had direct in-game control over world colours and so on regardless of technical classification of the world.

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standard worlds cannot support changing block colours unless we also disable the color prestige bonus the way it is disabled on sovereign/creative too.

its on the “list of things we could do” to either just disable it, or make it “different” in some way and then yes you could have standard/exo worlds with colours changed also.

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I suppose that makes sense; would there be any way to toggle this with a true/false flag for local universes? I imagine that the colour prestige bonus may make sense in some local universe settings but it might not matter to some people either; wouldn’t matter a lot to me if I was only playing with friends, for example.

Either way, if there’s a way to alter colours and general world settings on world creation instead or through a config – though I’m not finding these anywhere for an already generated world – then it’s all the same in the end. It just seemed to me that the world control would be a very convenient way to do/enable this.