Testing 249: Melee Weapons, Shields and Local Universes - continued

Only thing I would use cleanse points on is the on and off switch for light source epic Gorilla-chan


So what happens to unopened umbris coffers that we have? Fingers crossed for an upgrade from 300 to 1000 cubits woooo haha


Or they glitch and you get nothing lol


I do think separating out cubit reward from skill point reward and leveling might be an option. I still see the need to find a way to break out of the plots from levels… people are going to be pissed having to grind for a month to get 10 plots or whatever… I’ve played other characters and just enjoyed exploring and barely earned any XP (I’m level 85) since release.

I can only imagine how a new person will feel if they want to build stuff. For a simple build fine… but many of us do want to build like Apt or Georgeo and that takes A LOT of plots.

We don’t want to lose builders to local or creative servers across the board and I fear things staying like they have it now on testing will.


The assumption should be that the system would be moved over to the MMO as well. It isn’t 100% confirmed but they likely wouldn’t run two different modes in the long run because we need skill points here in MMO for the swords, etc.

You are right - they aren’t trying to hurt the game - just keep it balanced because of the new skills. But, I think right now the path toward that solution is hurting builders for sure. And this is one of the best building games out there…


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Do the oort Grapples teleport you to the location you grapple? If not they should!


1k cubit per 2.7m exp is still way too low. And because of how much longer it takes per level up, I’ll argue it should have a better ratio than how it is currently, instead of less.

Unless exp gaining is gonna be revamped and there’s better exp grinding method (or at least equal to the best exp sources right now for other activities like building), please at least keep it in par with current ratio of 200k exp/300 cubits.

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Nah, they’re the much requested grapples that allows you to grapple from planet to planet :rofl:


Forge Boon, Planet Grappling
Level 1: Allows you to grapple to a planet
Level 2: Allows you to grapple a planet to you, lowering their distance


I can already grapple planets, can’t y’all?


They do their job perfectly, i guess :wink:

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I dunno how i Feel about this after People pointing out cubits gain and plot gain…

Personally i just need some dev To answer this… Why they chose those rates etc… Also To be added…

Wipe? I think Wipe should be talked about more now as Last time we wiped it was In launch and skill tree was changed heavily… I would say this is almost the same change so… Wipe?


The Great Boundless Wipe of 2021!

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(But I keep my white mud😅)

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The great boundless wipe of 2021, and it resets the sov unlocked colors too!

Nah, people won’t handle it well, and prob would lead to people quitting.


What doesn’t cause people to quit? Lol

Plus they would never do a wipe, james already said so. I just enjoy poking the bear.



OOOOOOOOOOOooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Within 20 posts of somebody using the word “Wipe”~!!!


I’m very curious to see how this plays out. I think only three or four of my alts have the XP to make the new max level, if they decided to alter character levels to match the new XP curve. It’s more than enough to play with though, of course. Especially since they mostly have their skill sheets (at least three) and under the new system when it’s fixed it should be the equivalent of using 1795 skill points under the current system, which has only been allowing us to use 500 until now.

It sure seems like a steeper curve but also it looks a lot more rewarding, and will encourage skill sheets in early character development. Of course, those cost cubits, along with the cleanse points required to use them if you want to evolve them as you level. And cubits, that’s another story here.

Anyways I’m also curious about the defeat penalty and it’s place in (adjustment for?) the new system as well.

I wonder if there’s (dev) discussion about adjusting some of the cubit prices along with this. If the core of the game is changing like this and cubits are becoming more scarce, shifting cubit prices on plots and extras might be a way to push the rebalance into a more desirable direction.


WIPE! :joy:

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Does the XP per level change for below level 50? Or does that all still match what people have? where does the new XP numbers start?

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Well I would say if this was ever to be considered we would need a few more updates because I think there are some other core changes that “might” hit (like machines)… plus I’d want blueprints and likely that everyone is able to reclaim and at least starts with their stuff as it stands now. At least those two things would make it a bit less shock and hopefully able to get some of the cool builds. But like we have seen they really don’t want to do the “w” word unless it is a technical need.