Testing 31 - Report issues here

Please report all issues discovered in Testing 31 in this thread.

Not sure how to tell that you are running patch 31. The version provided in-game (using the . key to turn on feedback) is a hex value, not a decimal 152.31-looking value. It would be nice if build/version appeared on that one intro screen with the keyboard shortcut reminders or in the game. If it is in there, I am clearly missing it, so please let me know where to look.

I did quit Steam and did not see it update boundless when I re-started. Is there a way to force it to update, maybe outside of Steam?

Had soem rubber-banding in the first cave I visited but not the second one. Did get knocked out of the game (slow connection message in red at the top of my screen, which led to the common Error 25. Going back in worked as I would expected. Where is the “chunk size” setting so i can turn that down to see if I can get better performance?

Did you select the beta in steam?

I have now. Missed those instructions before. Now I am in the beta. So far, it’s still happening (the rubber-banding of my camera when I turn to mine other blocks), but I am not sure if it is quite as bad as it was in the release version. Since I have to start over entirely, it will be a while before I am up to speed burrowing through mountains again in my vain search for gold…

Just remember the test world is just to test, it gets taken down regularly

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Sadly, still experiencing the rubber-banding. And not even deep inside a mountain. I started noticing the camera snap-back just standing on top of a tree cutting down wood and leaves. Could not turn to face another block of leaves…kept getting pulled back to the direction I was previously facing. I was on the side of a mountain, about half way up on the side of said mountain, near a lake. Not sure what other data would be interesting for dev diagnostics or looking closer, so let me know and I will be happy to try other settings and/or capture/provide additional details.