Testing [cplusplus] 14: A new world and inverted slopes!

You may want to uninstall Boundless and reinstall. That was the case when I tried to play the game at home.

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So,I did what you suggested,but I’m still not sure I’m in the right version. Should there still be named for the worlds? Because if not,then I’m in the wrong version.

Its 4 worlds in c++

In old java-version its more worlds, and they got different names.

That’s what I thought,ok so I can get in to the c++ version of boundless,someone please help me!!
I’d like to start recording soon and posting it, and doing some propaganda, but I can’t do that if I can’t pay the current version of the game.

You need to opt out of betas to play on C++, as it’s the default versio, if opting out doesn’t work you could try reinstalling, but don’t opt into any betas afterword though.

I did,I’ve tried the code for the C++ and I’ve reinstalled the game for the legacy worlds version. What is wrong with the game?

Don’t use any codes. Don’t use legacy version. Opt out of any betas. There is nothing wrong with the game, to my knowledge you’re the only person experiencing this so far.

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This is what your Steam properties should look like in beta leaf, if that makes it clearer.

Thank you guys!! Finally,I can record…

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Well,I don’t think I have to say anything for this one…

But,on a brighter note i found “Tallow Base”?

I used to ban people on my server for building swastika’s… I’m not saying it should be a punishable offence to build them in Boundless, but I certainly don’t like it when people do that.


If we go into nitpicking that isn’t nazi swastika, but now that we have inverted slopes it should possible to make it, so let’s hope the person who did that didn’t mean to make that one. A Wikipedia page to learn about the symbol, though I guess we can agree that in western world nazism pretty much raped that symbols meaning.


Just went on to explore for the first time since ever and wow! I’m loving the terrain so far :D.

Just a question though, is the game going to be stuck on sunset for a while?


Yup. sorry. For a while… :frowning:


OMG, thanks for letting us know.

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What’s the world and location of where this is?

I’ve already destroyed it,but I wanted to let you know,you we can prevent it from happening again.

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Thank you @G-Sage

You should have left it so devs could come and look who built it so they could ban him

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If @G-Sage let the Swastika there… the World Regeneration would have destroyed the symbol. Doesn’t make a whole lot of a difference.