Testing [cplusplus] 14: A new world and inverted slopes!

News flash!

The Boundless worlds have experienced another apocalypse! However, yet again, the worlds have risen from the ashes (that was quick) but they looks a bit different…

To be direct, the worlds have been wiped. Sorry… but the worlds look different in a good way now :wink: (crossing our fingers that you think so too) .

Unusual for us but we have updated the cplusplus on a Friday :v: Here are the additions / changes.

  • New worlds: Includes inverted slopes and a more alien world.
  • Item props models added: meat, stick, seeds.
  • Mould block now uses foliage system to look extra soft and gross and spore-y.
  • Add a gentle wind to the ambient weather.
  • Fixed a bug where regeneration data was not being saved.

Also, if everything goes well, you might see this in the mainline of Steam instead of the beta line. In other words, we are doing the ‘switch’ :muscle:

Note: Go check out the caves!

We are in the process of making the US servers live but you can play the US servers. It is now 1050 British Summer Time. The US servers should be ready by 1200 British Summer Time.



Caves do look a lot better now and feel more natural with the inverted slopes.

As for mold blocks, I think that the foliage image could be reduced in size and made more frequent and also appear closer to the blocks surface, as it is currently it’s bit funny and unnatural looking to me.

edit: I don’t know but having multiple layers(I was thinking two or three) of foliage could make it look even better, like having bigger “particles” closer to the block and smaller further away.


Steaks in a Cave


Hello All,

We have done the ‘switch’. The Legacy version (JS version) is still playable as a Steam Beta. If you were a cplusplus player in Steam Beta, turn off beta setting.

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Will be cheking this out soon

The water has some probs with the slopes … found THIS in a cave :wink:


Thanks, we’ve logged it as a bug.


Sweet, I’ve been waiting for the slopes to show up :snowboarder:

I just loaded up EU2, and it spawned me a decent ways under water :stuck_out_tongue:

It really is amazing how much sloped ceilings changes things! Caves are super cool now

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First thing i see. :slight_smile:
Bad omen?


We will put one up for you like all the other before you :wink:


I am currently exploring the absolutely stunning canyons and caves of US2. Can I just get a round of applause to the devs for this? This is incredible! Some parts of these canyons go from the surface to the bottom of the world, with incredibly cool caves in between it all. Thank you devs, and i hope to find someone to explore this awesome world with soon!


Regen will reset anything not in a beacon.


Caves are crazily beautiful now…!!

I’ve spent most of my time spelunking this evening! They’re just too awesomely beautiful - definite hats off to you guys for this one!

On a different note… a bug…

I noticed that although all my inventory is still intact, my beacon allocation has not been reset with the world wipe. I can only place 12 beacons on these new worlds as my other 12 are lost in the void somewhere.

… and a request…

Now that we have inverted slopes, could you change the way the chisel works? I just built a nice diamond shaped column from the ground up and wanted to expand the top of it in an outwards slope (kind of like an enlarged golf tee), but I couldn’t do it unless I started building from the top down … very frustrating :cry:


I am not sure this is a bug, but the red indicator on grappling hook, that indicate it can reach the target, is gone.

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Can someone please tell me how to get into the c++ version again,I got a new Mac and I can’t seem to get in.

C++ version is now the default version :wink:

Here is the announcement. Release: 129 - Boundless updated to the latest development version [legacy version is still playable]

I just played that version yesterday,and nothing looked different.