Testing [cplusplus] 7: Choose your character and less crash

Hello All,

We just updated the game with the following changes.

  1. You can now select different characters like the JavaScript version.
  2. Crash fix for when other players disappear around you (e.g. when other players close to you quit the game).



can you fix the crash, that if we using the beta(c++ version) we cant use the desktop icon. if you use the beta you must start the game every time over the steam library, you can use the desktop icon because it still cash

over desktop icon

we can only start here over the library with Launch C++

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Got it. Thanks

must i reinstall it that it works ?

Nope, it does not make a difference :frowning:

i must reinstall ^^ without reinstall i had still the same error, after reinstall it works. Thanks for the fast crash fix

sry the reinstall killed the c++ version ^^ so can start only the old javascript version over desktop icon

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Oh, weird. It did not work on mine.

still not work with c++ ^^ was to fast in write it here XD

Now the shortcut starts the C++ version. However, if you are starting from Steam client, you will need to choose ‘Play Boundless’ as seen below.


I see this announcement is very serious and deserving of

But on topic, I like that you can open the game from the shortcut now and even more that I don’t have to look like all those conformists, I don’t think I could have lived with my self much longer that way, without my own identity.


thx and good job

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I have this bug with starting anyway. It hasn’t matter if I use shortcut or Steam client, every running brings to crash.
Can I do something to avoid it?

same problem.
something wrong with that C++

How can we help to resolve this problem? That is still actual :worried:

I’m not sure which issue you’re experiencing? The link above is goes to a thread containing many issues.

Can you share details of the problem, and the game’s log files?

Sorry, it’s my fault. Link now corrected.
I have crash bug like @Heurazio and @Saint_X described.

I’m not understand from here Heurazio gets info for gists. May be a dumps can help: mini, full.

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