Testing [cplusplus] 8: A civilisation has been wiped out!

But a new society, a whole new civilization will rise from the ashes of the old…

Here is the content of the new world!

  • World regeneration, Blocks modified outside of a beacon will be regenerated to their original states over time as long as players are not within their immediate vicinity.
  • Native support for DualShock 4 controllers on Windows.
  • Grass/Soil block interactions now fully supported, with the 3 grass types being freely mixable with the 3 soil types.
  • Many, many new slopeable block types such as rock.
  • Many, many new craftable block types such as rock also (Recipes pending…)
  • Many brand new block types like mud, growth and thorns.
  • More beacon allowance :wink:
  • Fixes to prevent server crashes.

Some known issues

  • The new blocks do not have blending yet.
  • Missing recipes so some block types cannot be crafted.
  • Some trees are missing tree trunks.
  • Glacier blocks are not tiling.
  • There are still missing block textures.

Whoop Whoop! Only downside to this is… my lunch break has just ended!! aargh! :smiley:

Looking forward to playing tonight!

Edit: Ok so I was naughty … again … I had a peek :wink:
I noticed the 2 new grass types as well - looks excellent!


Urru urra :smile:
good bye good ole (and weird) pyramid :disappointed_relieved:

Oh boy! Can’t wait to play now that we’ve got regeneration :smiley:

Yes yes yesyesyes!

Almost time to quit my job and become a full time world builder hobo, methinks


sloped stone is HUGE!

Some feedback:

  • The ICE_GLACIER_BASE top texture is awfully repetitive, and has seams:

  • ASH_DEFAULT_BASE is super cool! could make salt flats w/ it!

  • TANGLE_DEFAULT_BASE is missing tetures

  • GROWTH_DEFAULT_BASE is …weird. Its shader also has strange warping around the edges of objects in front of the growth texture (much more obvious when things are moving)

  • @yota’s secret lair has potential :stuck_out_tongue:

After a quick look around, there is an awesome canyon/cave system that would make a nice base for the next city. Travel to US1>Goto Capital> Find the portal shimmer and head over to US2. Please don’t fall in.


I think the grows looks bäh from the side … the top is great, but the side textures just to artificial (like the gleam before first texture-update)

and water still looks strange (with a “split”) when a block ends where it starts …


The max cap on beacons is 25 and this is final correct?

No, this is very much not final.

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All right thanks for the fast reply! I thought the square space was increased as well (8x8x8) when I was using the beacon and the beacon plotter, it look like it was more lol.

Argh, now that I´m in Sing…

Someone already starting to list them up?

For which water regeneration / passing model inside / around beacons did you guys decide?

Edit: Are further wipe outs on these servers planned? If not will further adjustments on world regeneration process make further wipe outs necessary, i.e. changing the regenerating speed? Or do we just have content updates?
Just trying to guess, how much effort it`s worth to put in a nice build again.

There will be wipes in the coming months. We will attempt to keep these to a minimum.


kay, then i´ll maximum put effort in a build if i`d like to try something new.

But can I assume, additions like plinths and chests will be before the next wipe out? Or will those be a high probability reason for the next wipe out? That would maybe change my idea a bit.

I can’t really and don’t want to promise anything about what will be added before the next wipe. This is simply because we don’t know exactly when features will be ready for release and I don’t want to delay releasing something because we’d previously said we’d not do a wipe until feature-blah was added.

The main things that could trigger a wipe is something that significantly changes the way the worlds are generated and stored.

As I said, we’ll try and keep wipes to a minimum. But in this case I think it’s definitely better to under promise (lots of wipes) and over deliver (few wipes).


Oh my god i missed so much by just being gone 4 days or something idk why but i feel guilty of something when saw this

What if a person build something that is not protected by a beacon. Is it destroyed if the regen is active? I have a bridge built over destroyed trees would those trees remove the bridge or go over it?

P.S. If I were to build something in the air that is not protected by a beacon does regen remove it or not? Same as water right since it’s there at some surface level I guess?

Yup, anything unprotected by a beacon will eventually fade back to the natural state of the world. I think what it’ll manifest as is the bridge slowly losing blocks, while trees & other removed blocks slowly fill back in


And if something is built in the air or on top of water, is it not affected since there is no space used on it right?

Even if it’s in the air it’ll still degenerate back to the natural state

Edit: There’s some good details on world regeneration in this thread, too: World Regeneration prototype stress test