The beginning of an amazing idea. (Personal, Mini, Voxel server in a 2x2 block space.)

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I have been waiting for the day when we can have one-of-a-kind items in a videogame. We can start here with Boundless and have personally designed furnishings created by players to decorate or sell to others.

Imagine a cube that would work like a small voxel canvas that we can apply upto 256 colours of low resolution mini-blocks that we use to create our one-of-a-kind items. As this idea is just fresh in my head I haven’t worked out all the details but I did want to post this as a start.

What do you think?


Even introducing a mini chisel set that will do the same things as the regular chisels. :crazy_face: The ideas are starting to flow now.


They could just make it work like a mini-plot.

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That sounds a little like the Minecraft mod that lets you take a block apart at the pixel level.
I have nightmares about that. Bags full of 1/4096th size stacks of blocks :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s a good idea, and within that mini-plot we make the items and they can be then taken from the plot and placed in other players spaces. :smile:

I wish knew of that mod when I was playing Minecraft. For some reason the sound of that (must be all the numbers) excites me. :blush: But I can see the overwhelming effect it will eventually have. Especially if we are breaking down rock into to stones and those stones into mini-stones.

Second Life did it first. Next.

I suggested blocks we could apply textures to in another thread before. It was not a popular idea :confused: The community in this game seems to reject any idea that includes adding customizable blocks to the game because it “ruins immersion”.


I did not know that! I guess I’ll just end my time here with Boundless and go over to Second Life which is almost exactly the same as Boundless. :wink:

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Not everyone feels that way. Don’t let that hold you back from making suggestions!

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Just poking fun of your


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Eh, not quite. But yeah, this game shares a lot with how Second Life was before they added Mesh uploads.

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Sounds a lot like Chisel and Bits by AlgorithmV2 from Minecraft. It allowed for some really amazing builds

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I’d like to add to this idea a bit and put it in line with blueprints. I think this could work well using a cubic plotted area. All of the work would be done at normal scale, and when finished, could be condensed into a few blocks. Chiseling would have to be limited somehow but would still like to see it incorporated (maybe limited to slope only). Textures would be shut off of course. Players would own limited amounts of mini blocks to make their mini builds and be able to purchase more with cubits or real money. The creation area would need to be controlled by a beacon, and be plotted to a specific plot resolution, such as 4X4X4. The option to reduce to mini would only be possible if the area is plotted exactly to the required resolution. If multiple mini blocks are desired, then a beacon could be placed for each one in the proper resolution. The option to condense would be in the beacon control and deplot the area in creation of the mini blocks.

I think this would work very well alongside the idea for deployable blueprints.

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