The cash shop and cubits


Yup, deluxe edition gives 10% more as well. But that’s still not a lot :confused:


Right, that’s only 1 extra plot per every 10 earned or bought.

Edit: Is that P2W as well? #Preorder to win


I think theres many people who has same thoughts but never rly get into writing it on forums.
This is good community but there is also many white knights here.


So funny you said this! I had the exact same reaction. Was about to call Sony and get it refunded on the PS4 because I couldn’t believe I’d paid money to play a mobile game, because that’s what I think of when I see that type of reward menu.

Then I thought to myself there’s no way this company is so brazen as to charge you for a game and then micro transactions you to death (which is what it seemed like at first) and also have Sony approve it. I almost didn’t get past my first hour on storis II.

Then I did, and I realized the store was purely vanity and luxury ■■■■ with no real advantage to gain. I still wasn’t sure if I agreed with the business model but I kept playing. Now, even though I have my gripes with parts of the game, we’ve bought 3 copies, multiple months of gleam club and a few large cubit packs with the plan to get a few more packs for plots if the farming update is as awesome as it’s being teased.


Presentation, then. Not the system itself, but how it is presented to the new player. I think, someone said about “ptsd”, a negative experience in the past taints similar experiences in the future.
How could the presentation be changed, then?


But don’t you see the futility of complaining about a sytem when the mechanic to make that system work is right there but you CHOOSE not to use it?

You can set up twenty crafting tables, make an alt and have that alt run rock through those tables while you are offline and said alt will be 50 in two days


One thing I have to say about plots. If they were free and you could plot as much as you wanted it wouldn’t be good for the game. Not just because of the griefing but also because of the server costs. Think of people deciding to put down 6k plots one high grabs the 16w beacon fuel and doesn’t come back till they need to refuel. That’s just making server costs go higher.

I know if I didn’t have to worry about plots I’d have a ton more places built that I never visit. Heck I only have 2k plots as it is now and I have builds I don’t visit at all. And I’m on the game daily(1k+ hrs n counting). Only reason I don’t get rid of them is because some guild mates go to them.


The lowest tier was 10%. I believe higher tiers bonus plots were more substantial (Master => 100%, Oortian => 200%). If I had the kind of money just sitting around without anything better to do with it back then, I totally would have gotten Oortian for that alone.


@james off topic but what about some real life merch to support development? I’d rock a boundless t-shirt


Im just saying i dont like the plot system… does it make me a whiner? Just gave my own opinion about the subject.
I know studios have to make money and im cool with that.
Im just not liking how they do it. Not going to argue with people who clearly dont wanna be even thinking why i think this way.
This is pretty much like it was with bomb mining… some people hated it some loved. Theres always going to be 2 sides in everything.


Ohhh there’s an idea …how about Boundless pants…and as in UK, not American, pants! :smile:


Kinda with you here.
I personally don’t think there is a definitive right or wrong answer here…both sides have valid points, depending on an oorts view point and previous experience with such things.
Regardless, the topic will just continue on its little merry-go-rounds though


Agreed, I’ve spent some money on cubits in the past but purely because building is what I love to do the most and I had a large project in mind but at the time didn’t have enough plots to scratch the surface of building. I see no issue in cubits being buyable, it puts you no further ahead than anyone else beyond looking funkier or being able to build more. It makes you no further advanced towards gem tools/ weapons etc. Very few MMOs these days can 100% stay away from having some form of microtransaction system but they’ve done it in a way it neither forces itself on you or makes you use it if you want to be up there with the rest. I see it as just a way for a player to be able to offer a little more support in the cost of developing new content for the game :slight_smile:


Oh sure! Not a t shirt guybhere but I’d buy a few coffee cups.


I’m not sure how you do without retooling the whole reward process. Mobile micro transactions are so ingrained at this point it’s just a negative all around.

Having it as a traditional achievement system where you earn an achievement and collect the reward out of the achievement box might be better but a lot of p2w games do that these days too.

It’s the reward delivery method like you said. I’m not sure how you change that without a complete rework of the system itself. If that were an option I guess a traditional quest reward system? I don’t even know . Maybe after some coffee.


I make various crafty things for my online shop and I’m so tempted to make some Boundless stuff! Not to sell obviously! but just for me to enjoy and maybe give away to the people who help me out in game :slight_smile: seen as there’s nothing out there! Tote bags, T Shirts and necklace charms spring to mind!


Maybe get in contact with SE or WS for direct Merchandising? Sounds like a, albeit niche, market to explore.


As I only create one off pieces and on a very very small scale (it’s a hobby not a business) I’m not sure there would be much profit in it for either myself nor WS.
At the same time, I would not want to make profit from something they have spent so long imagining and creating.
But I NEED me a boundless T shirt! and a sculpted piece of Oort stone as a necklace!

I painted an enderman canvas for a friend, and made a small wooden box that was a replica of a minecraft chest :slight_smile:


Yes, please, ditto this!! I’ve actually bought shirts for another game off Redbubble, which I wear proudly out. :slight_smile: My only regret is I’m not supporting the devs by buying that way, I would far prefer official merchandise. Sell Boundless garb and I’m in.


i belive it can be “fixed” without haveing to remove the cash shop or massively change it for lack of a better term we just need a better separation of church(cash shop) and state(core game mechanics) like i sayed in the OP to me haveing it be 2 pages is just smoke and mirrors like buying arcade tokens form one side of the place then walking over to the other side to play. i think a more traditional system of removeing cubits form beeing “earned” and replaceing it with a non-premium currency would go along way it would allow a player to almost never have to even look at the cash shop and would move it to more where its ment to be.

this is the tricky part i get if we remove plots form the cash store it would mean a big cash hit for the devs and things like alts would be tricker too cuz they are also part of the cash shop and i have deleted and retyped this part about 20 times cuz i really dont know how to fix that part of the system without makeing the P2W argument stronger its possible that at this point cuz of how entrenched the cash shop is with the core of the game a fix may not be possable without a redesign

i 100% get that but like i sayed in the OP post

i get this is going to make me sound like a $#@ but just cuz we(the players) earn them and dont hold any $$$ vaule for them des not mean the devs dont as long as the game as cubits be the primary method to acquire things like plots and alts its going to keep us has players on a rug that at any moment can be pulled and puts things like XP farming on thin ice now i get what im about to say has 0 proof but just humor me here.

puts on tin foil hat

crafting table grinding someone needed to make say 30 levels they would take a huge amount of rocks eat a teaching pie then que it all up and 30 min latter boom 30+ levels now in a game like this while yes you can argue it was a exploit has a whole it really did not harm anymore and you did not see threads of people asking for it to be removed yet the devs (after easeing up a bit) nerfed rock XP to the floor and completely reworked teaching pies to prevent any kind of rework of the xp gain why?..cuz do the math on how much cubits you where earning form just 20 min of gameplay. many other MMO’s you can take a low level player run them thow dungons and get them a comparable amount of levels in the same amount of time yet the devs for those games dont care.