The cash shop and cubits


Those games also have level caps and don’t give you “premium” currency for leveling


thats kind of my point tho if we gained a non premium currency for leveling then 9/10 the devs would not care and we would still have table leveling


Well still most games don’t give you any kind of currency for leveling.


So now another of your Problems is slow xp?
I believe you have edited the OP because it is now in state, where i am unable to comprehend what we are Talking About.
I dont get it anymore, so i am out.


i have not edited the OP once otherwise a yellow pencil would show i was saying with table XP was not the fact of oh its slow to level cuz of cubits but that it changed cuz of cubits being tied to leveling and i would not doubt the cash shop was takeing a hit cuz of it.

the overall point i was makeing with what i quoted is anything that is tied to cubits is subject to change without notice if the devs feel they are loseing money and cuz almost eveything is tied to cubits we are playing the game with 1 big rug under us


They can change how much xp it takes to level up as well at anytime. Or change how much stuff it takes to craft things. Literally anything in the game can change with no notice given


We can agree to disagree on this topic. While you are right things tied to cubits can change based around money, other things can also be added based around money. Adding cosmetic only items as a real cash purchase is one. I imagine we would see that before they pulled the rug from under us regarding cubits. But as James mentioned in the thread about the rock xp change, it was not a decision made based on money and they are fine in that department.


I’m still somewhat confused. You’re upset that cubits are worth real money(they have IRL value) and the fact that at any point the “developers of the game” could change that value?

As was stated multiple times by multiple people those same devs could literally change ANYTHING in game at any point with or without notice.
However, I dont believe that would be the case. I dont think the devs have any plans to alter how cubits affect gameplay at this time. Theres no reason to. If it works dont fix it. And as far as I can tell it’s working.

For the record this my own opinion. I have faith in these devs, and in this game. I’m not made of money and have spent a very small amount upon this game. And I must mention AGAIN that at no point EVER has the game WANTED or Pointed me toward the cash shop. In over 800+ hours not once was there a notice or bulletin that said “Hey go spend some of your hard earned cash in our cash shop!” There were notices about new cosmetics and updates to said cash system that’s all, a newsflash easily forgotten or ignored.

Edit: I’ve beat this dead horse enough, and I’m fairly certain I’ve stated my opinion on the subject fairly clearly.


i dont think the exp is too slow, however i wouldnt mind seeing a first character exp bonus. like you get 50% more exp on your first character forever. to help the people who cant bring themselves to make alts. I think it would be a good solution because it would help everyone equally.

i do understand the hesitance to make alts. when i first started it made me cringe until i actually did it and realized it wasnt half bad and sometimes even more convinient. i can be out on my gatherer or builder and if i know a refining is finishing i can just log on my crafter queue up the next craft then log back on to the character i was playing


Separate Cubit gain from XP/Level/Skill Point gain.

Problem solved.


How did we get to this?

We walked on the moon.
The earth is a sphere.
and the wonderstruck isn’t going to suddenly turn around and start changing their monetization model less than a year after release.

If you are worried about what they are going to do in 2025, let’s get to 2024 first.

Come on folks. What is going on in this thread?


Have you legitimately tried to parse the OP for meaning? Or accuracy?

EDIT: Every time it gets close to dying, someone comes along to share their thoughts on the title - clearly without reading the thread.


Yes. I think I replied twice. It’s like reading a trump tweet.


This goes for ANY game. Devs can patch their game how they see fit for as long as they like.