The Castle in the Sky (Laputa)

So I’ve been following boundless for years (since oort online with the tall orange blocks for characters) and going to be playing on ps4 in a few day.

I have always wanted to build Laputa from the studio ghibli movie castle in the sky. I’ve attempted it in minecraft but I didnt feel like it looked how i imagined it. I figured boundless would be the best place to build it!

That being said i will be “new” to the game and forums. And would like to make some friends and builders that would be interested in helping me achieve this monumental task. I realize this is asking alot since it’s a big build that is going to absorb all of my plots (on probably many characters) but it is my dream build. Any thoughts or input would be deeply appreciated!


A good idea would be to join the official discord. I’ve seen people talking/asking about PS4 in there, but even in general it’s a good place to ask questions and make friends in-game. Even if they aren’t on PS4, both platforms share the same universe!

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Laputa, and/or a city inspired by it, would be a really cool thing to see in the game! (also seems eerily similar to titans :P)

(for those unfamiliar with it)


Welcome. I am a huge fan of that movie. I have a world built that will come on line in time. I specifically designed one of the biomes for building large floating builds above scenic terrain.


Such project would take from 3000 to 6000 plots - if you want to keep it look massive. Still achievable but in group of 10 people minimum.


How many blocks long are plots? I’m doing some rough math to figure a few out about it

8x8x8 is the size of a plot.


With that size you could build a small-ish scale laputa at 64 plots per “level” and it would only have to be around 8 levels high. Still requiring a number of people to have ~600 plots however.

UPDATED: So the biggest ring level would require 64 plots (8 wide, 8 long, 1 high). The next ring would require 49 plots (7 wide, 7 long, 1 high). the smallest ring would only require 25 plots (5 wide, 5 long, 1 high). the tree would only require 2 or 3 plots stacked on top of one another with an additional 8 (if needed) for limbs and foliage. the sphere would require 32 plots (4 wide, 4 long, 2 high). all in all that is only around 170 - 180 plots.

I dont know if this would be a good schematic, but it’s a rough outline (taken from minecraft forums)


Attack on titan style city…massive wall. Got experience with medieval builds. Problem with massive theme builds is not everyone abides build the build theme…

That’s my fear. However with only ~600 plots needed it’s easily a 2 - 4 person build. My wife is going to be playing too so I can “borrow” her plots haha

Cool looking project, it’ll look awesome. very ambitious and that’s a lot of plots!!

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This idea is beautiful!!! I love Studio Ghibli too, and Laputa is perfect!! Also me wait for ps4 release.


I am not saying you cannot have other people help with the plots, but you can buy cubits (with real money) and exchange those for plots. You also continue to get cubits past level 50 so you can exchange cubits earned in game for all the plots you might need by just playing the game long enough. You might have to be patient to accrue enough cubits by leveling but it is possible. There is not a limit to player plots in the game.


Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: I’m planning on using plots from my own characters, and possibly my wifes to do it haha

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If you really want to do this project, check Magica Voxel software. It will make your planning so much easier :slight_smile:


Welcome and FYI plotted area doesn’t have to be solid, it can be hollow, not sure if you know that so just mentioning. In that case if you only claim plots that actually contain blocks it would spare you some, plots that are just air you don’t have to claim.

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I know :slight_smile: I’m working on building out a model that will help me get a real idea of how many plots will be needed

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It’s actually helping alot! I’ll post screen shot here as I go. Thanks for the recommendation!

Here is the initial build out of the walls (with no details yet) and the lower sphere. I may need to make the sphere bigger though