The Chrysominter & New Guild Buffs


Greetings Citizens,

This update brings a number of quality of life updates, as well as some very cool new features to Boundless. From today, you’ll be able to enjoy 4 new Guild Buffs, and a brand new Machine, the Chrysominter.

The Chrysominter takes any object in-game and converts it into Coin. This will be a variable base rate and will be calculated differently for each Item. These rates will change over time based on our analytics. So for example, Rock or Soil will pay out less than Diamonds or Rubies. It’s important to note that this isn’t designed to replace selling in stores - the Chrysominter won’t pay out more than the player-run economy.


It’s best to think of the Chrysominter as a way to make a quick buck, rather than big bucks. A good use case would be a Player who is left with several stacks of Rock after a mining expedition and wants some quick Coin to open their next Warp. Think of it as a way to ensure there’s always a way to generate income if you’re willing to gather the Resources.

One side-effect of the Chrysominter is that this will be the first time Coin values will be shown as decimal values in the game’s UI. As another example (not using real values), let’s say Rock is worth 0.1 Coin per unit. 10 Rocks would need to be input to make 1 whole Coin. Decimal values will be for these purposes only, with the minimum usable value still being 1 Coin - so you won’t be able to buy or sell goods for less than 1 Coin via a Plinth.

The Chrysominter will pay out in multiples of 100, so although conversion is instant with no waiting time, nothing can be withdrawn until the Machine’s balance hits 100 Coin. The Machine does also have Power Coils available, providing a boost of 5% yield for each Coil (up to a maximum of 8 coils).

As mentioned above, this release also features 4 brand new Guild Buffs. These are;

  • The Weapon Augment Buff which will give your Guild Member’s Weapon Augments a boost to Durability, letting them Hunt for longer.
  • For the Miners out there, the Hammer Versatility Buff allows Hammers to damage Blocks which usually require a Shovel - useful for those high-volume digging operations.
  • The Bonus Consumables Buff gives Crafters the chance to receive an extra Brew or Food for free for each one they create.
  • The Spark and Wear Buff will allow Machines to use less Power and last longer without repair. Build the relevant Helix today to start using your Buffs!

Of course, this update also brings a wealth of fixes and quality of life changes to Boundless, and you can read more about those in the full patch notes over on the Forum. Work is well underway on the next updates to the game, and we’ve got some very cool features lined up - watch this space…

For a little more depth and background on this release, James explained the reasoning behind the introduction of the Chrysominter in the release notes, so head over there for a deep dive into the new addition. Release 221: Chrysominter!

See you all in there!



I thought plinths were now going to allow decimal buying and selling? This would really stimulate the cheap item economy.


James said:
“ * Request baskets and shop stands can now set coin prices down to 0.01 coin.

  • Players can still only pay whole coin amounts so the result is rounded in favour of the owner of the request basket/shop stand. For example: a request basket selling stone at 0.1c each would give 0 coin for any amount of stone less than 10 and from 10 to 19 stone would give 1 coin. A shop stand with a price of 0.1c stone would charge 1 coin for any amount of stone less than or equal to 10 and 11 to 20 stone would charge 2 coin.”


A positive change!!!


Yeah, I wasn’t going to do guild buffs, but wow… this one is perfect for me, extremely useful given how much I mine and don’t bother with a shovel, so would certainly save me some durability on my hammers and of course time.

However, this is going by the other thread, which states the buff a little differently? Here it sounds like only damaging them when it wouldn’t but in the other thread it sounds like bonus damage - " * Hammer Versatility Helix buffs your Guild Member’s Hammers to be able to deal bonus damage to dirt blocks (blocks which would usually require a Shovel). Available at Minor, Greater and Mega levels."


I usually just hammered the dirt a couple more times instead of switching to shovel… always figured if anything they would “balance” hammers to do even less damage against dirt. But they made an awesome change instead.


Well theyre adding new coin generators, that helps with the economy some but cant let it get too out of control so a coin sink for a luxury item like a helix buff for miners is a smart way to go about it.


By “require” they just mean the efficient tool is a shovel. Hammers damage shovel-efficient blocks, just at a 75% penalty in damage.

Minor Hammer Versatility: 25% bonus damage against sand/soil/gravel
Greater Hammer Versatility: 50% bonus damage
Mega Hammer Versatility: 75% bonus damage

So with mega hammer versatility, a hammer does 43% of the damage as a shovel would do (instead of 25%, without the buff).


do you know if its only for peat,silty, clay or it includes gravel and sand ?


I haven’t actually tried it yet. From the release notes wording, I assumed it works on all “shovel” type blocks.


ok becasue the buff description says dirt-type blocks.


Hmm, yeah, now that you mention it, the wording is ambiguous.


Thanks for that! :slight_smile:


Just curious, why the duplicative announcement posts?


One is an informational, update post and the other is a release post with all the noted changes.

I think the informational posts actually have portions of it copy/pasted in to the game update that we’re forced to read windows of on each new update.

Two different ways of disseminating the information. One in a hype way and one in a very technical way.


@Evergreen is on the money here - James’ post is the full granular details of the update for those who want/need more info, whereas mine is more set up to be linked to from social etc. Posts like these are basically set up as the ‘diet’ version of the full patch notes, for those less familiar with the game (ie those who click on a tweet/facebook post etc)


Weapon Augment Buff? How does this work. You use 1 augment per shot. It has no durability. Does it just have a chance to not use 1 count per so many shots? I personally think the way augments work should be change to a single item with real durability instead of a stack of a number of items. Like ammo.


Yup, exactly like that … obviously working out the shot percentage increase behind the scenes


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