The City of Steam-Open to the public


We were gonna try and stick to a us west or east server since they seem to run smoothly for the majority. Also I found the most perfect beautiful spot that has literally everything we need for an incline city. It’s right next to @Jiivita place on solum. I can’t even tel you how perfect it is. I’ve been claiming plots like a mad man and I’ve only claimed 262 so far. Have a lot to go. It’s very exilerating grabbing this many plots all at once. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I can’t wait for you guys to see it. It has the most unique but gentle incline going straight up a huge mountain with little plateaus along the way. A massive cave system underneath and a lake at the bottom. :heart_eyes:


I’ll be in the game soon so whenever you hv a moment give me a shout and I will try to find it.


It’s at -628N -162E on solum. There’s some trees we’ll have to remove but it’s gonna be awesome. Once you see it you’ll easily be able to picture a city rising up into the mountain. I’m super excited about this.


I’m logged in as cookviper2 but not sure how much longer I’ll be on. Either way come take a look.


I claimed a big chunk of the lake and an even bigger chunk of the mountain. I have about 300 plots left which I’m gonna save for tree tops and other areas where we might need them. If any of you check it out let me know if you think the portion I claimed will be big enough for a dozen or more houses and buildings and stuff. I can always claim more.


I’ll start reclaiming some materials from my old build. When i’m done i’d love to commit 500 plots of my own to this project. I will however be hunting for the following week so it’ll be a bit before you see me around.


I would also like to have each players plots go out into the road in front of their builds. That way even if other players dont go into your house you will still collect footfall from them walking on the street. And since itll be a linear road youll be collecting footfall from every visitor who walks through. :money_mouth_face:


lol i was wondering when civilization would catch up with me :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll check out the location when i get some free time ^^


Cool spot… even better when the dead beacon finally burns out hehe

i love the idea of a town tucked in the mountains and it would be cool if there was some sort of “heavy industrial” section down by lava / in the cave system… kinda like a surface and sub city combo <3 sadly that wouldn’t work well unless they change the 2d plot reservation system =/ i guess you could have a portal leading to an unrelated cave system :thinking: but that would be like building two cities at the same time ><

can’t wait to see how it progresses

oh and there is an underground tunnel nearby leading to Renegades’ Cove… may have to take care that one settlement doesn’t merge with the other at some point…


Your secluded paradise is about to be invaded and the natural beauty surrounding you will be replaced by stone, metal, fire and smoke.





I have a couple thousand Sed. and Meta. brick ready to contribute to this project. I’m not sure when this will kick off but i can hand them over in the next couple days?


I’ll set up a Store house on site. I’ll let you know when I can get on.


Sounds good. I’ll check in later.


im thinking of something like this on a big turning gear
with small maintanance shack + load platform with shells :smile:
small steam engine somewhere to power it :smile:




oh and is there a temp hub for moment ?
gonna need one for building it :))))))))


somebody please make one like this for photoshoots :smile:

oortian meter size please not in boundinches
found more examples

would be cool if you had some small competitions while building like for streetlamps design or stair design or probs competion
more reason to keep us busy :smile: your speciality hahahah
i love it :smile:


There’s a small pink gleam portal in the star shop in cooks corner that will take you to the site.


I love love love that idea. Also those pics are great. Gets me even more excited for this theme. Hopefully I can jump on tonight for a bit but I know this week might be scarce for my availability :pensive:


no rush makes better design :smile: