The City of Steam-Open to the public


As soon as I’m done playing away with signs, i will visit again and see what’s going on.
I pretty much have an idea what I want to build, but first we shall see where the walls and streets are.

What’s your plan for street design @Cookviper?


Haven’t figured that out yet but as soon as a get a good chunk of time to play again I’ll scope out an area. I wanna keep the roads within a 2 plot wide zone if possible without breaching into a 3rd plot. I want there to be plenty of room to fully enjoy the fronts of all the buildings and I think a two plot wide road will allow that.


Anybody who would like to, feel free to come up with some designs for a street. It’ll run through the whole city.


to be true I didnt expect 2 plot wide street - its a big one:)
I thought maybe compact coal would go good with the theme as part of design (maybe on the edges or a pattern in the middle? although that would be a lot of coal and this is sooo needed for crafting that people usually have shortage of it.


I’ve always thought that most builds were a little cramped. i’m glad that the streets may be this wide. A lot of design options this way.


I agree - bigger is better that way. Cramped builds are usually an effect of limited plots (a lot of my builds are like that cause I have plenty different ideas I want to try and to do that I must scale everything down from original plans that I make).

If I dedicated all my plots to one, two maybe three big projects, it would all be way bigger and spacious.


Found some more pics.f933c2604625122024b7585ce2b0b292--anime-comics-art-googleimages

The last one looks like a back alley. Would be cool to add alleys.


second bottom - the red lighted port district :sunglasses:


Somewhere in this city there needs to be a water wheel and a crane. I’ve noticed things like that in many steampunk cities. :heart_eyes:


Got all my stuff moved! Set up a small place to let the locals know were coming. I hope it’s not in the way of any planned plot placement.


hey cook can i start putting up a portal in aquatopia steampunkstyle

ill wait to open it so you have time to plan the city :wink:

:slight_smile:cat wait to make steampunk stuff
just checked the place out i love it looked allready for good build spot for my turret :))))


absolutely, I cant wait to see your turret. Its gonna be an amazing addition to the city. Any other SP style objects you come up with would be awesome too. :grin:


Progress update:
I’ve excavated and laid out the outline for the road going up the mountain. It’s just an outline which is why it looks terrible but it’ll give you an idea of how the road is gonna make its way up the mountain.


will come and check next time I’m online :sunglasses:


Another nice thing about having such a wide road is it’ll allow space for objects such as vehicles and other roady decor :grin:


check it out yesterday spot looks good
did you see your pretty close to a huge build by cronzfear
on other side lake you should watch out not to absorb eachother :slight_smile:


How does that happen?


if the two beacons touch the one with the most gleam names the town :smile:


im in front off you now in game you on?


I’m logged in but AFK. I’m watching The next generation with my wife. :nerd_face: