The City of Steam-Open to the public


hey cook i found a spot i want to use in beginning off road leftside
on the small hilltop looking over the lake
can i use that spot to set up a portal to start some building :smile:
you can alter everything i do im not dificult that way :smile:


@the-moebius I’m trying to set it up so that each player will have a 2x2 plot right on the road so feel free to start where you’d like but plan on building high. I was hoping to build or have someone build a really high tower somewhere on that hill but you could easily build a portal anywhere you’d like.

#63 Cronzfears build is Renegades Cove as seen here in the travel brochure.


would a tower at the foot off the mountain not block the view off the city?
i can move more up the mountain no problem
was just thinking its good place to put protection system (big canon)


can you let know here when you login so we can meet kinda hard to catch up to you for me :smile:


it looks super nice did a tour there
greatwork cronzfear


I must be thinking of a different spot.


when you said everybody 2by2 by the road
i think that would be to linear
maybe it would look more like the pictures
if theres small paths up to builds
stuff sticking out …
houses with big wheels
just my tgoughts you bossman :smile:


Well I want everyone to have plenty of space to build and I feel having at least a 2x2 section would be sufficient. But if it isn’t for what you’d like to build just let me know.


ok ill show you when we meet :smile:


I checked the road outline. Looks good.

Are we making plans on buildings hight depending on how far they are from the gate? Like 10-12 blocks high for close to walls and 18-20 for mid way up the hills and then even higher? In dome cases it’s the ground increase that can make builds stand above but sometime it might not be enough.


@the-moebius I’m online right now for a bit. I’m at the site.


coming :slight_smile:


Some progress we made today. We were thinking of putting iron furnaces all along the middle row but I think there’s just too much to fill. We would need a crazy amount of iron just to make the furnace bottoms. But we finalized a streetlight which I absolutely love. It’s so simple yet perfectly steampunk. But I definitely encourage any and all to come up with some more ideas for things to put in the city. Come up with a testing piece, take a pic, and post it here.

Either way the road is coming along. It’s not finalized which means we can tweak it til it’s perfect so feel free to mess with portions of it. Remember, use iron more so then copper. Copper definitely has a place in the city but it’s iron that shouts steampunk.


I love the lamp posts.
I couldn’t stay long to help today but maybe next time it’s going to be better timing for me.

As for metals, I will definitely use machined iron in my build along other materials that can give steampunk feel.


does stone furnaces dont work?


Oh…I didn’t think about that. Maybe they would…


Ok friends, we have to come up with a set of materials that all of us will use on our builds. This is to keep the city looking aesthetically authentic. With many of the SP cities I’ve seen I’ve noticed that many of them use brown wood, white or light grey stone, and sometimes even brownish stone. I would like to know what you guys suggest. Please prepare a row of the materials you think would look best and if possible post it here. Thanks all for your support with this huge project. It’s gonna be amazing :heart_eyes:


Obviously all machined metals. Is refined too shiny? If yes than compact should do with it dirtier look.
Would stone of dark colour work if applied? Like Igneous purple ish color and it’s pattern. Or maybe metamorphic from Nasharil of the same color? Maybe if it’s brick?

All greyish so metamorphic brick that you used already building the road.

Compact coals I guess could be good choices?

Lanterns rather than gleam blocks I’d say. Unless gleam is hidden in a second layer of floor or wall and only seen in small parts through chiseled blocks. If yes what colors would work the best for the city?

For wood, should we limit it to roofs window frames and such?


I like that brick a lot and think it’ll look nice on the buildings along with some dark wood but darker then the wood used on the road but within the same color scheme. Not sure where to find that.
Also with most SP cities there’s very specific add on items and objects that are made of metal. The majority of each building is actually very simple with smaller sections near the bottom which gets larger near the top of the house. Not saying we need to do it like this but if we want this to look authentic we need to stick somewhat close to most SP examples.