The City of Steam-Open to the public


I agree with proportions and I already drew plans having smaller base and widening towards top. I was thinking what kind of a device/object I want to put on a roof and maybe a steam engine chimney or something. Another thingy like that I’m ready to put in front of the house maybe even taking a part of the street if you think littering the sides of the road could help the planned aesthetics.


I could probably help out with that if you really like the look… I used compacted iron as a ceiling material in my build o.O and just looked it up… furnace bottoms take less iron to make ^^

It would take a bit but we would eventually get it done =)


Visited the area today and i want in baby, currently makin alot of machined iron,copper, etc etc etcccc for steamy punky buildies ahhhww yisss


Lamp posts look nais, however id swap it for machined copper with yellow lanterns!


Hold off on making those. I think we might go another route on the center stripe. But thank you so much for the offer. We could def use the material in other areas though :grin:


Cool, been looking for an excuse to go mining =P


hey cook could you try contacting @Swede he is interested in a house or the tower where the tree used to be he got mats cooking :smile:
we just need a way so you could friend him hes kinda on on diferent timezones
im huge fan of his designs btw


dont touch a “cook and moebs” original design
thats like painting over picasso hahahah


stone bottoms look almost same lol


When any of you get a chance take a look at the grated middle section near the first corner on the street. I made it look like a draining system with slime flowing through it. It looks awesome but I just wanna make sure it fits. Maybe we could use iron grates instead.


finally slime found use hahaha
got some old stock off it ill add to shack


@Swede if you’re interested in building a tower on the hill closest to the road here is what I was hoping to put there. It doesn’t have to be exact but you could just use some features from it. Obviously it couldn’t be this big either but however you could make one similar would be awesome.


Looks great @Cookviper , yes I would be very happy trying to build a tower that looks something like that.
But yeah, there wont be nearly as much detail as in that image. Are you online now?


little bit off critic but this seems like a normal castle with some random pipes stuck on it
and the one in the round window got my technical self anoyed hahah
trying to think off reason why you stick it in a window hahaha
(maybe its not a window but eyes see what they used to see)

but its a good base for a tower design


Sorry I won’t be online til later tonight.


A lot of steampunk designs are based around castle styled mixed with old London. We can make it how we want but those usually work and look best when making a steampunk city. We should avoid the castle walls and medieval look though. Make sure you click on the picture to see the full pic. There’s so much character in that tower, so much going on. It makes you think “wow, I would love to look inside”.


you wright did not click pic sorry lol
i se it now thanks :slight_smile:
and yeah thats kinda what im pointing at to much greywalls
:smile: gonna need study a bit steampunk voxel building i guess


This particular tower is a bit more modernized compared to other steampunk towers I’ve seen. But I am definitely open to suggestions if you can find any examples we could go off of feel free to post them here.


the tower when i saw the hole pic i liked alot :smile:
would be perfect for your city ps batch off metal ready
gonna see before i machine it if it looks good for a canon


So I need Metamorphic bricks right? Starting to stock up materials and then we can arrange the spot later on.
I usually go to bed before you get online I think. I am rarely online later than 10 pm which is in about 10 minutes (central europe time).