The City of Steam-Open to the public


Actually I had to stop at home real quick so I can hop on in a couple of minutes if you’re available.


I am at the site now @Cookviper.


@Swede take a look at this one too. I love this style as well as how there’s a bridge that can go over the street and connect to another building.


Yes, very nice. I like the bridge too, and we can have that with either design. But the roofs on the second one can be very hard to do well. Maybe we can draw inspiration from both.

I will try to do a sketch based on the plots I got to build on. So I have some kind of plan before I start. And you can have your say. Then we might have to adjust it depending on the other buildings that will be built next to it.


I can’t wait to see what you come up with. I think this tower is really going to set the precedence for the rest of the city and it’s style.


Started building the street around the tower and testing a bit in magicavoxel. So this is not a suggestion, just a test.
It gives a sense of the datail level, but with chiseling it will be a lot better of course.
Do you think the bridge should be located on the first part of the road, or after the turn?

I will do another go later today and it will probably look a lot different.


I liked it so much, that I couldn’t help but add unhealthy looking effects around. Remove it if its not you look for here, but here’s some screenshots:


Let’s put the bridge on the street after the turn. I love how that’s turning out. Make sure to build it high enough to encompass the claimed plots at the top, or even higher if need be. There was a lot of high trees there so I had to claim plots pretty high to prevent regen. Also feel free to make it 4x4 or 3x4 since there’s a single row of plots next to you by the dead end and there’s not much we can do with 1 plot. You probably already know this but try and keep the edge of the tower walls at least 3 blocks away from the road plots. That way anything built on the tower walls won’t extend in to the road plots. Except the bridge of course.


Also do you think you’ll be able to put some sort of angled roof on the top?


Yes, I think 3x4 or 4x4 would be more appropriate.
I have over 170 plots free so it shouldnt be a problem to build high enough. And I will get more (lvl 39 atm).

I thought you wanted us to plot out in the road as well, so that would allow some stuff to stick out.
But maybe you want the airspace above the road totally free anyway (exept the bridge). That is perfectly ok and I will keep it within the borders. No problem.

Yeah, I just wanted to show you something. There will be roofs, I promise.


I’m ok with things sticking out over the road a little bit, but once a player takes ownership of their build they would have to take all of the plots above and on the road where the overlapping happened. But I’m totally ok with that as long as everybody else is too. Also I do want the buildings to be along the road but they don’t have to be exactly tight to the road. That’s up to each builder if they want it that close.


so cool wonder how cook comes up with all this ideas hahah


Weren’t you the one who Had the idea of the slime draining out of a pipe?


haha yeah :star_struck:


It was an absolutely brilliant idea! :grin: One that I hope is implemented in a few different areas of the city. The one I built was just to test and see what it looks like but now that I know I love it we definitely have to place a few of them in different locations.


its perfect with the flow efect :smile:


It seems that i’ve missed so much already! I can’t wait to jump right in tomorrow! I’ve got a few ideas!


I got about 5000 or so meta bricks to help get this started if the group has no other use for them at the moment. Let me know.


thats a crazy amount of brick :open_mouth:


Got about the same in the sed. style too.