The City of Steam-Open to the public


I think @PharaohNai was looking to buy around 1000 sedimentary so maybe you can help him.


I did end up taking a stack of your brick in case you’re wondering what happened to it. Thanks again for making it available.


I don’t plan on selling it, Only making it available to anyone involved in this project.


I made an adjustment to the first light post on the road. Take a peek and see if you guys like it. It was only minor, as i really like the current design.


me and @KKBell were playing away with fully brick road idea;

heres a sample:


Wow!! I love it!!! Let’s do it. :heart_eyes:


Not a fan of the color of the edge bricks. I feel like it doesn’t go well with iron. Or maybe it’s just how it’s chiseled.


Also do you think that road color is too similar to the building color? It’s doesn’t stick out as much.


I was thinking red brick to break it all color-wise


That might work nicely.


brick vs. stone (the other easier to get like: atm I have 100+ red brick and 500+ red stone)


I agree. Think someone suggested coal once?


Yikes, definitely don’t like the red. Maybe wood on the edges. Look at the road by the tower. Don’t the colors look too similar? I liked how the road popped out before but with that grey shade on the road and the buildings it doesn’t pop anymore.


coal or iron would be great but the costs of crafting that amount:

also, a lot of people (if not all) will use these materials in their builds and at the end we might have too much of it around

what u think?


heres with wood:

with different color bricks:

and little details, where road is sloped placing growth and that sick looking greenish brick under central part of road to create dirt/slime build up effect?


I like the look of the wood much better don’t you? And the mold adds a nice touch to the toxicity of the city, of the ciiiiity :notes::nerd_face:


Yeah none of the stone I tried impressed me in this surrounding.
Timber it is so. There are a few shades we can exercise. That’s a task for another day though. I will bring samples of different woods and play away if you don’t mind.

Mould looks pretty sick with that slime and metal and brick around its perfect.

Somewhere between sacred silence and sleep. :notes:


Here is an update, many images but they are small in size.

Images, click to expand.

View more from above.

Wider angle.

I tested with a water wheel, but it didnt fit very nice. Made the orange (copper?) wheel with chains instead.
Hopefully that is possible.

What do you think? Is anything important missing? Ideas for enhancing the steam punk look?
Obviously I expect many tweaks, because chisels and I have not really taken in consideration room layout for the inside. But you know, you get the general vision.

Edit/ I guess we can make it taller if needed. About 7-8 plots high depending on where you measure from.


OOOOO I love that bridge over the road under the Wider angle pictures, I think that bridges over the roads be done plenty throughout the build to make the place seem taller.

also are you capable of meeting me at the build site I want to discuss ideas.


Very kind of you. :grin: @Cookviper and I decided that we would go with metamorphic stones to start with. I think the idea was the more rugged feeling. The bonus is that it is cheap and easy to aquire. But I also like the bricks a lot. Not a huge visual difference when viewed at a distance though. Maybe we can mix materials a bit, base in stone and some parts in bricks. Added an image with materials on different distances.