The City of Steam-Open to the public


hey do you mind if I could have this spot under the road to build a shop I think it would be amazing to build as it will add depth to the build @Cookviper

What do you think


not talking about making the tower taller but the overall city, helps add a bit of height to other builds
but yea maybe make the tower a bit taller


My idea of the tower has changed a bit which covers that part.
Of course it is possible change it so it will work. I dont mind. Maybe just lower that part so it is in line with the lower part of the road. Please see images a few posts up.


hey you capable of meeting in game?


I was thinking along this line. Most of the build should be in stone, what the oldest parts of the structure would look like, any recent additions could could use brick . This might give each build a sense that it’s been around for a generation or two.


Wood on edges would look like rail ties.


i was thinking stone bases and then any second or higher floors are made out of wood like traditional buildings, with metal highlights and details like chimneys


Ok, I made an image where you can see where that plot would intersect the tower.

If you would claim 3 plots _(1 left and 1 right of the entrance under the road, looking north), one plot would also slightly intersect the bridge as it is now. And you would own the road just outside the main door, which could be ok, Im not sure.

I see a number of solutions but the best for me would be that the plot is mine, and we arrange an entrance that everyone likes. It would be possible for me to claim that with an alt and give you permissions there. Or is it possible to have that on a different beacon on my main? I dont know.

Other solutions are that you claim that plot and anything on the tower that is in that space, or that I remove anything in that plot and above it. I like those solutions a lot less.

But, @Cookviper has to let us know what he thinks about it. I am positive about it, but some problems need to be solved.
Maybe it would be better if you could use the 3 plots of road closest to the corner. ┌


I think this should allow it


we could have myself own the plots and you have permissions in them to build them and you deal with the tower.

Or we can have a shared build that is linked together and we just make do with the odd scenario.

Or we have it that you own the door way and any other overlapping plots and then i have permissions in your plots.

I prefer the third one but I think you should be the one who figures it out as it is a problem that effects your build more but we might be able to come up with a solution.

Any way I’m going to be shutting down my computer so I wont be able to respond any more.


@MrGamer117 Yeah, seems like we should be able to work something out. No rush.


Thank you. I will test how it works.


That tower is amazing!!! Move forward any way you’d like. I think it’ll be tall enough and the detail is perfect. Don’t worry about the plots for now. It’s height and width is good enough to grab all the needed plots. I can’t wait to see it. We’ll worry about chiseling it later. That’ll be the easy part.


@MrGamer117 are you sure you want to build under the street and not next it it? I guess I don’t mind that as long as there’s some sort of access from a Building so that the edge of the road does not show.


Got another 250 machined iron on it’s way. Will have more when i get time to get coal. Check my workbench if you need it.


1000 sedimentary bricks would be helpful.


Thanks! I have started to build with stone, and then I will add/switch to other materials where needed. Yes, doing the basic stuff first, before details like chiseling. I might need to adjust some parts slightly anyways.

But I have reached the roof at some points, so if you could add some plots that would be helpful. I dont want to build in the wild. :+1:


@MrGamer117 I have started to build, but let me know if the entrance becomes to cramped. Or you can adjust it.


its perfect


Are you building with this project?