The City of Steam-Open to the public


Hey @Cookviper I plan on taking the 3 plots needed under the road you mind? it might not be right away though due to the fact of time restraints.


@MrGamer117 I don’t mind if you build under there but not sure if you can use the side of the tower cuz @Swede might be widening the tower. @Swede is that Side of the tower available for him to use? Or were you planning on using those plots as well for the tower?


me and swede talked and he was okay with it, when we talked awhile ago the entrance is only 1 plot and swede will own it and then I take the 3 plots under the road


Then go for it, but keep in mind that all the other edges of the road are going to be closed off for buildings so that may be your only entrance into your shop unless somebody creates a lower level to their building which I’m sure somebody will do.


okay cool just need to remove said plots so I can take them


One plot is under the bridge though. I was not sure about that one. I will post shorty again.


yea that is the only problem but one that we can figure out


The only way that will work is if you take ownership of all of those plots going all the way up including the ones that are needed for the bridge.


Me and @MrGamer117 agreed on the following:

I am perfectly ok with MrGamer117 having the blue plots. I dont need them in any way.
The green ones I would like to have. We arrange an entrance to the shop on the corner of the tower on the top one in the image. I plot an extra plot under the road that MrGamer also can use.

What do you think about that Cookviper?


Sounds good to me, however, since the road design hasn’t been finalized and completed I would like to retain ownership of those plots until the road is complete, but I can add you to the Beacon so that you can start building your shop.


I also have plans to create a giant cave that the lake goes inside of with a very large steam punk ship that is halfway sitting inside the cave which Will be directly underneath the Canon. But I would like an access point to the cave from the city and I think your shop under the road might be a perfect candidate for that.


I’m torn. I don’t like the color of the iron next to the yellowish brick on the road…but I like that brick…but I don’t wanna replace the iron with copper cuz I don’t like how the copper looks on the road either. I’m failing miserably at this road design. I want the road to stick out by using different colored material from the buildings but at the same time it has to go well with the iron lights, and yellow, grey, and dark grey don’t look nice together. :weary:


pharaoNai is building this at the end off aquatopia


hmm you need me telling you whats ugly :slight_smile:
gonna come soon to help but was busy with aquatopia’s expansion number 4 lol


the wooden road was looking good btw but not the two tone in the wood
the color combination in the screenshots are all rong lol its never gonna match :smile: with the whitish bricks


I would prefer to keep the road as simple as possible. It could always be dressed up with crates and mock street vendors.


I picked a spot for my house/shop - provisional choice. I left a sign there. Let me know if it’s alright there.


@boundmore anywhere you pick should be fine.
@KKBell I agree. Let’s keep the road simple and use the brick stones in the middle and wood for the rest without a two tone. Thanks guys :grin:


Cool that is a wicked idea I’m down for you thinking that the shop will be a good spot.

Also I plan to extend downwards one plot then build a medium chamber to act as a club room for an exclusive group for the richest people to get the hardest to get tools and to act as a cool hangout spot for auctions. What do you think?
(it would be an underground hangout/club and auction room)

Hey @Swede and @Cookviper you’s capable of hopping on at this time to help plan out my shop and start working on it.


well I have just hopped off but I will see yous tomorrow when I can play in the morning for my timezone and joins you’s