[Guild] Introducing: The Pharaohs


The talk about guilds is increasing these days, and it seems like the system might just be around the corner (I am guessing with the 1.0 release). Therefore I would like to introduce my Guild: The Pharaohs and have feedback on what my vision is.

I personally don’t believe in large guilds as many members get lost in them due to poor communication, therefore I will cap the guild at 50 (main members) and 100 (affiliates). This is still a big number, but much smaller than some guilds I have been leading in that had 500-2000 members. This is as I believe that a smaller and more focused group gets things done fast and more efficiently.

The guild will have a PRIMARY focus on Exploration & Titan Hunting, and a SECONDARY focus on Mining & Crafting. Obviously, I did not mention Building as everyone will do their own thing, however I will definitely need to hire talented builders to aid me with specific projects.

This is the “initial” design for the guild city that I have in mind. Nothing is final yet, it is just my vision that will be expanded on: Please note that the Great Pyramid and the Market Place had to be scaled down due to limitations on the programme used, as well as the locations for the guild members’ Houses were not included due to this as well.

Top View

Corner Overview

I am planning to have two major Crafting & Storage structures in the guild city that will primarily be used to help develop and maintain the guild’s needs. The main purpose of having two instead of one is currently being discussed, any additional feedback or ideas will help tremendously. These buildings were designed using Ancient Egyptian Architecture in mind, including skylines on top.

The scaled down Market Place will house buying and selling plinths for both guild members and guild needs. The way to implement this is still being discussed as well, again any feedback will be of great help :slight_smile:

Ofcourse, I can’t forget the Portal Hub for the guild city that will contain portals that lead to every planet, while also having portals that lead to allied guild cities and community projects to allow for better efficiency.

The main building/temple of the guild city will ofcourse be the Great Pyramid (that should be scaled to x3 what is shown in the picture below). In here we will be holding guild meetings, friendly PVP matches, we will hang guild trophies, and we will store the most valuable and rarest of items.

And ofcourse I would need some talented builders to help build those Anubis Statues as I have 0 talent in this field as it stands :joy:

Finally, for when the devs hopefully add a way to transport water, a small Maze Pool for the guild members to chill and talk about none sense whenever they feel like it :smiley:

I will be updating this page according to feedback, any decisions made that caused an addition or a change, or any updates regarding guilds from the devs. Recruitment can start from now, however I will be more interested in recruitment close to the 1.0 release. All main members will receive bonuses as I do not boss people around, we ALL focus on goals Together. And this…is what my vision is.

Dua Netjer en ek (Thank You in hieroglyphics)
The Pharaoh

PS: Yes, I do love water in my builds. And yes, I am not normal :smiley:

Planning out building better
The City of Steam-Open to the public

Wow. That’s incredible! What program do you use to model that?


Looks like this could be a very amazing build! Are you going to start building now?

I think you’ll need to find a big body of water to build over as there is currently no way to transport water to another location (and quite possibly wont be). Then make sure your builders are very careful (otherwise you’ll need to let world regen claim parts back for it to be corrected!).


MagicaVoxel :smiley:


Thanks mate, and no this is a concept to be built after the 1.0 release. If am not mistaken but I think @james mentioned somewhere in the past that water can be transported, I just can’t remember where he said that so maybe he could confirm :smiley:


You’ll need to fit a sphinx in there somewhere :slight_smile:

Amazing concept design and I certainly agree on smaller guilds tending to be more tight knit and focused.


I give you my love and blessings to this whole idea if you just make two slight changes for originality’s sake:
Don’t call them the Pharaohs,
exchange the pyramid with a more exiting, original, selfmade building.

Plz people try to give the look of Boundless its own distinctive style :D.

I at least will aim to leave a unique mark…


Yes for sure! I need someone who has a sense of sculpture design unlike me hehe


Thank You! I will not change the name nor the design as the original idea/theme of our guild is Ancient Egyptian to begin with. Changing any of that means changing our own originality of a guild that represents this area.

Our guild obviously won’t appeal to everyone, and if you are talking about “Boundless” distinctive style, then take a look at how we integrated that within the Crafting & Storage building and the bush designs on either side of the Great Pyramid, as well as the Water Maze :slight_smile:


looking good :smile:


will look better when it is completed :smiley:


hey plaza is ready for you let me know when you on :smile:
so we can discuss it


Hello PharaohNai, i love Egypt, and want to help, may i join?
Ingame i am: Sariel, LordAzreal or Death


Looks great!!


will let you know mate when game goes live, you can now visit my test city at Aquatopia :smiley:


thanks mate