The City of Steam-Open to the public


No, but i need to buy bricks with a reasonable price as i need them in huge bulks so current market prices are hard for me to afford lol



Where I’m building, I’m missing a plot going up so I can’t progress upwards with the left (looking from the street) part of my house.

Please let me know when you will possibly be in game so we can deplot the area and I can place my own beacon and plot the site.


hey you guys capable of getting on?



hey cooks can you let me know if you gonna hop in or not im designing canon but need more head clearance


if ya post yes i can start building :slight_smile:


Ok I just hopped on and added more plots above the canon and some other areas that needed it. Heres the thing though…Im running out of plots. So instead of waiting until you guys finish your builds I might have to let you take ownership early. I trust that you’ll stick to the theme of the city so at some point maybe tomorrow evening, hopefully I can jump on and de-plot your areas for you if you’re available. Until then you should have enough areas plotted to continue building. Sorry I havent been available much lately. Ive got a busy week/month. But im loving how things are turning out. Andysav is building a house above one of the corners of the street because there were a ton of plots covering trees above the street there which wouldve been wasted plots simply to restrict regen, so instead andy said hed build his house above the street which will take care of that problem. under his house will be a pass through so the street can continue through. It looks like somebody started doing the same thing near the end of the road at the top of the mountain but we dont need one at that location. There werent any trees there.


I can claim up to 500 plots if you’d like to keep things progressing? Let me know and we can sort it out over the week.


i can claim the canon but not the stuff under it


Actually I’m not gonna worry about the ship yet so if you want to just claim the canon you can.


Good news… @the-moebius and I finally figured out a way to make the road work. We just had to extend the center grates a half a block on each side which forced us to chisel the rest of the street into half blocks. Unfortunately we can’t do steps this way, but that’s ok, I like the slopes. Also There’s gonna be a drain tunnel under the center of the street that will lead straight to @MrGamer117 shop…if he’s ok with that.


Is the drainpipe in running along the roof? I’m fine with it, I just need to know where exactly.

Hey is it okay to get the plots across from the entrance to provide more space to my shop/auction house/club room if it is okay.


I’m not exactly sure what area you’re talking about but I would think it would be fine. Keep in mind though, that every plot you wish to take you have to take the needed plots above you to prevent tree regeneration, and in some spots there’s quite a few, so you’ll just have to check Them out before taking any areas. As long as you’re OK taking ownership of all of those plots as well then I’m fine with you going pretty much anywhere. But if you want you could post a pic to show me what area you’re talking about.


The drain tunnel is awesome! It adds a lot of depth to the build, thinking that it’s another explorable area.


Sure thing will get on it when I’m capable of hopping on


Got some ideas for the area next to me (across from the amazing tower that @Swede is building). Are there any plans for it yet?


Not yet, feel free :grin:


hey thought it would be cool if these “grates” would remain open to my shop underneath I think it would add a cool mix of openness to my build.

I have also framed up the extra plot out to the open side of my shop.


Are the designs for the sewer lines final? When i got time between stuff i’d like to work on them.


I really like how the first section turned out but am always open for better designs and ideas. Nothing is ever truly final, just waiting for something better. :grin:


Just finished the pipeline to the top of the hill. YOU ARE INSANE! It took me a while to wrap my head around those angles, but it looks good. The only thing that needs to be done is to add the lanterns.