The City of Steam-Open to the public


@Cookviper. Any chance that you’ll be on tonight? I’d like to claim some more plots so i can finish the build on the corner.
Also what happened to the gear fountain by the docks?


ill come sy hi and see whats up with the fountain lolz


but first i crash hahah


I think this would be a good way to work in some water FX


That would be awesome!!! :heart_eyes:


hi I have a build I would like to build in your town but I cant get steam screenshot to work to show you dos boundless screenshot work def .the sample build is in burning man


sorry didnot hae time yet i do it now


there they are @Dunedragon


cool ty I did some more work on it


Looks nice. We are currently going though the process of figuring out how to develop the area, and establishing the color palette. Though I cannot answer for CookViper, I’m under impression that the city is not open for additional builds till we sort things out.


Bit late to the party but I just got the game a few days ago and have started a Viking port settlement in the Fjords (which is a themed build) Made a thread about it too!


I would love to have You build in the city. However, @KKBell is correct in saying that until we finalize our color palette and building design style I would prefer to hold off on having a bunch of players come in and start building with the possibility of having to tear down and rebuild. I absolutely love your gear implementation and think it would go great in the city but be patient with me for now until we finish up some builds for you to go off of. :grin:


So I’m really digging this project. I just started playing yesterday, and while I was running around learning the basics I was browsing forum posts on the other monitor and this was one of the first ones I read. Booted the game up today and by chance I found a portal in Pixelgate to your project site and I was blown away; I wasn’t aware that you had built several buildings yet, and suffice to say I’m extremely impressed. Obviously I’ve got a bit of work to do to get the ropes down before I can volunteer myself as a potential member but once I do get some experience, and once you guys have your system set in place and are accepting new members, I would love to contribute to the city :slight_smile:


Absolutely!! Would be happy to have you. :grin:


I’ll happily help also!


Me and my friend have a small base in solum, and so we decided to check this place out. we instantly loved it (my friend less than me, because im a really big steampunk fan,) and we would want to join, but we don’t really have the resources, :/. eitehr way, once we get some better resources (and better building skills), we would love to join in :smiley:

edit: if any of you guys have some tips on building actually (or a link to some tips), it would be greatly apreciated.


I’ll basically be doing the same, haha. I’ve had a fair bit of experience with Minecraft but most of it has been with the minor crutch of focusing on single shapes and putting in touches of detail over time instead of starting off with a bunch of asymmetry. I’ll probably have to draw off of a few examples when I start contributing and experiment some.


@ACuteLittleCrab @AntosD don’t worry about designs too much, the plan is to have the whole city match, so all you’d have to do is use the same material and style and you’ll be just fine. But we’d love to have you guys. Once plots are prepared and the city is complete enough to provide players with an example and inspiration, then we’re going to make an announcement that all who are interested can now begin building. I look forward to it. :smiley:


Ah ok, so if I’m understanding it’s going to be a bit more of a sort-of steampunk theme where everyone will be building within the same design “boundaries” but will ultimately be making whatever they want (so long as it falls in line with the “building rules” of the city)?


Pretty much. But the plan is that everything will be very steampunk’ish.