The City of Steam-Open to the public

I would like to start a strictly steampunk themed city. I know this has been hard to do in the past because some random jerk shows up and starts building a bunch of mario and Link sprites all over, :sweat_smile: but this one will be different. I’m planning on using my secondary account which has around 800 available plots. I’m going to claim a massive area and allot out plots to players to build on accept they will not be given their own plots until they’ve built their structure and shown that it’s true steampunk style and fits the theme of the city. Once that’s accomplished I will remove my plots and let them claim their build with their own beacon. Doing it this way will gaurentee a city wide theme with no variation. This will also call for complete cooperation with every inhabitant. The streets would all have to be laid out first as well as the border of the city clearly defined. Imagine an entire city where every house and structure goes together in pure decor harmony. Im open to other suggestions aside from steampunk but would absolutely love a steampunk theme. Although If we get enough people interested in partaking in something like this I’d be happy doing what the majority wants. Please let me know your thoughts. Is this a dumb idea? I won’t be offended if you’d rather not be a part of this. Either way I’m gonna open up a poll to see how many would like to be a part of this.

  • I would love to be a part of this city.
  • I have my own project I’m working on but wish you the best and look forward to seeing your cities progress.

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I’ve got projects right now, but eventually I would like to contribute.


I have currently plenty to do as well, but it would be fun to build something with this theme.

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I would love to but might hold off for awhile until I’ve got more plots, materials and time

Hopefully I’ll get some time to build something, sounds cool!

i would like to set up a small portal house.

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literally lost my ■■■■, still trying to find it


I haven’t been playing for a while, but this project interests me. I might abandon my current build for this. Any visual references?



After visuals I say hell yeah!

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I like the 5th image best. The steam pipes and smoke stack are what i’m thinking. The others looks a little medieval. If there is room for suggestions i found some images.

I think that the fabricated metal would go along way in a steam punk theme.


Wow!!! All of those are amazing!!! :heart_eyes:

Do you have a timeframe or location? O yeah, I love the way you plan on managing this project as well.

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This thread was just to see if I’d have support and backers. The next step would be to decide on a planet an then a location. There is much to take into consideration with a build like this so as not to have it turn into just another city with streets running every direction. I feel a city like this needs to have a linear street winding up an incline so that you can see every building rooftop from below. It would be nice to find a spot that starts low enough so that water reflects but that slowly climbs a mountain at a gradual incline. @boundmore and I were thinking maybe we could find a spot on Solum simply because its not as dangerous, the weather is mostly clear with little fog so you can always see a long distance, and most players game runs smooth on Solum. But im open to suggestions and other locations as long as the spot will work well for this particular build. Once a spot is chosen the roads and boundary must be built with careful building placement in mind. Ill use my secondary account to plot out the streets and outer wall, and my main account to plot out each individual house plot. By doing it this way I can just assign each player to each individual beacon and they wont have to worry about other players having access to their build instead of giving everyone access to the whole entire city. But ill most likely be adding some to the main city beacon anyways just to get help with the streets and walls and terrain modifying. Once your build is complete and we can clearly see it fits the city decor I will remove my plots and you can take full ownership of it. I realize of course that after that happens theres nothing preventing an individual from tearing down their building and putting something completly different there. Thats just a risk we’ll have to take, but I’m not really worried about that happening, and if it does and somebody really wants to take away from the matchy matcherness of city so be it. It happens. Its just a game. :grin:


In the mean time any one you can feel free to build a mock building to give us an idea of the building style and materials best suited for this city. I will do the same. Obviously not every building needs to match exactly but they all need to have the same style.
Once we pick the best materials to use we can start stock piling for all to use.


If control of the streets is maintained then a facade could always be built around the rogue element.


if you choose solum im down for a small build not functional
decorwise if this is alowed :smile: and do you know ingame examples yet?

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i havent seen any in game boundless examples yet but you are more then welcome to build a beauty that just sits there and looks pretty.

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i choose lustrious and machined iron and copper plus lots off beacon steamefects and water my speciality :))))))
ill sneak in some white gleam to

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could we have it on Vena v so it will draw players to live on Vena v and new players to stay, as Vena v is really deserted and needs a players base

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